John Stewart of Baldynneis Roland Furious

A Scots Poem in its European Context


The poetry of John Stewart of Baldynneis, one of James VI's soi disant Castalian Band, is a relatively unknown phenomenon of the Renaissance period. This book is a critical edition of his epic poem Roland Furious, supposedly a translation of Ludovico Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso into Scots but actually a brilliantly original poem which directly follows guidelines given by James VI for the creation of such literature in the Scottish vernacular. A fully annotated version of the text is given, along with a critical induction discussing the main European influences on Stewart's work, notes to the text, an appendix of proper and personal names, and a full glossary. This book provides an important link in the history of Scottish poetry.

Brill's Texts and Sources in Intellectual History, vol. 4

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Donna Heddle, Ph.D. (2001) in Scottish Language and Literature, University of Edinburgh, is Director of the Centre for Nordic Studies and Head of the Department of Cultural Studies at UHI Millennium Institute. She has published on Scottish social history and Northern European literatures.
Critical Introduction

Roland Furious
The Literary Tradition
Influences on the Philosophy
Influences on the Style
Editorial policy

Description of the manuscript
Dating the manuscript
A Note on the Text
Policy on Notes to the Text

Introductory poems
The Introduction
The Dedication
The Invocation
THE . 1 . CANT.
THE . 2 . CANT.
THE . 3 . CANT.
THE . 4 . CANT.
THE . 5 . CANT.
THE . 6 . CANT.
THE . 7 . CANT.
THE . 8 . CANT.
THE . 9 . CANT.
THE . 10 . CANT.
THE . 11 . CANT.
THE . 12 . CANT.
Notes to the Text
Alphabetical Lists of Texts and Articles
Appendix of proper and place names

Notes to the introductory poems
The Introduction
The Dedication
The Invocation
Notes to THE . 1 . CANT.
Notes to THE . 2 . CANT.
Notes to THE . 3 . CANT.
Notes to THE . 4 . CANT.
Notes to THE . 5 . CANT.
Notes to THE . 6 . CANT.
Notes to THE . 7 . CANT.
Notes to THE . 8 . CANT.
Notes to THE . 9 . CANT.
Notes to THE . 10 . CANT.
Notes to THE . 11 . CANT.
Notes to THE . 12 . CANT.

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