Civil-Military Cooperation in Response to a Complex Emergency

Just Another Drill?


Author: Rietjens
Modern peace support operations are challenged by an array of issues that are not at all 'military' in nature. Increasingly, military and civilian actors like non-governmental organisations, ministries and contractors have to learn how to work together. This book analyses civil-military cooperation processes in disciplines such as logistics, construction and security. The analysis is based on multiple holistic case studies in Kosovo (1999/2000), Kabul (2003/2004) and the Afghan province Baghlan (2004/2005). Taking a business alliance approach, the phases in a civil-military cooperation process are identified. Then the main factors influencing the process are highlighted. Finally, a framework is proposed for evaluating the quality of civil-military cooperation. The book concludes by recommending ways of improving the cooperation process.

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Bas Rietjens, Ph.D. (2006) in International Management, University of Twente, is Assistant Professor at the Netherlands Defence Academy. He is involved in research and education on civil-military cooperation and, as a reserve-officer, he is involved in deploying Dutch civil-military officers.
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1. Introduction
2. Civil-Military Cooperation
3. Cooperative arrangements for civil-military cooperation
4. Process model of civil-military cooperation
5. The Kabul case
6. The Baghlan case
7. The Kosovo case
8. Cross case analysis: understanding the performance of civil-military cooperation
9. Conclusions, reflections and recommendations


Annex 1: Data collection protocol
Annex 2: Partnership ISAF and UNICEF

All those interested in peace support operations, (post-conflict) reconstruction, civil-military relations as well as management in developing countries.