The Gospel of Judas in Context

Proceedings of the First International Conference on the Gospel of Judas Paris, Sorbonne, October 27th-28th, 2006


The papers gathered in this book were presented at the First International Conference (held in Paris, University of Sorbonne, October 27th-28th 2006), devoted to the newly discovered Gospel of Judas, preserved in the 4th century Coptic Codex Tchacos. These essays explore several crucial literary, historical and doctrinal issues related to this gospel, composed in the second half of the 2nd century. This unexpected discovery sheds a new light on the role attributed to Judas by some Gnostic Christian movements. A hotly debated question is precisely the significance of Judas in this gospel: hero or villain? Special attention is given to the sources - Greek, Jewish, Christian and even Iranian - used by the unknown author. This book will be of special interest for historians of late Antiquity religions and scholars in New Testament studies, Gnosticism and Coptic literature.

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Madeleine Scopello, Doctor in Classics and Philosophy, University of Turin; HDR, University of Sorbonne, Paris, is Directeur de Recherche at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique at the University of Sorbonne, Paris. She has published extensively on Gnosticism and Manichaeism, including L'Exégèse de l'âme (Brill, 1985), L'Allogène (Peeters-Presses de l'Université Laval, 2004), Femme, Gnose et Manichéisme (Brill, 2005).
Contributors include: Nathalie Bosson; Jean-Pierre Mahé; Stephen Emmel; Marvin Meyer; James M. Robinson; Glenn Most; Bernard Pouderon; Cécile Dogniez; Majella Franzmann; Madeleine Scopello; Simon C. Mimouni; Jean-Daniel Dubois; Einar Thomassen; Louis Painchaud; John D. Turner; April D. DeConick; José Montserrat-Torrents; Ezio Albrile; Seonyoung Kim; Anna Van den Kerchove; Fernando Bermejo Rubio.
This is an important collection of scholarly articles on ...the Gospel of Judas. It helpfully dampens-down some of the more sensational claims made in the popular media. The findings are based on close reading of the text and the contribution in perceiving the figure of Judas to be a paordy of apostolic Christianity provides a compelling reading of the text.
Paul Foster, Edinburgh, The Expository Times, March 2009

'Wer mit der auf Schlagzeilen bedachten anfänglichen Auslegung nicht glücklich war, wird das Erscheinen dieser Anthologie mit den vielfältigen Versuchen einer weiterführenden Erhellung der Schrift und ihrer spezifizischen Probleme vorbehaltlos begrüßen.'
Gesine Schenke Robinson, Theologische Literaturzeitung, 2010
Madeleine Scopello, Introduction

Textual and Literary Issues

Nathalie Bosson, L’Évangile de Judas. Notes linguistiques et stylistiques
Jean-Pierre Mahé, Mise en scène et effets dramatiques dans l’Évangile de Judas
Stephen Emmel, The Presuppositions and the Purpose of the Gospel of Judas
Marvin Meyer, Interpreting Judas: Ten Passages in the Gospel of Judas

Sources and Influences

James M. Robinson, The Sources of the Gospel of Judas
Glenn Most, The Judas of the Gospels and the Gospel of Judas
Christian-B. Amphoux, Judas et les frères de Jésus
Bernard Pouderon, Judas, l’homme double. Recherches sur les archétypes du disciple qui trahit Jésus dans l’Évangile de Judas
Cécile Dogniez, Les trente pièces d’argent de Judas

Judas: Traditions and History

Majella Franzmann, Judas as an Abraham Figure in the Gospel of Judas
Madeleine Scopello, Traditions angélologiques et mystique juive dans l’Évangile de Judas
Simon C. Mimouni, La figure de Judas et les origines du christianisme : entre tradition et histoire. Quelques remarques et réflexions
Francisco García Bazán, The Gnostic Gospels and the Gospel of Judas
Jean-Daniel Dubois, L’Évangile de Judas et la tradition basilidienne

Judas: Hero or Villain?

Einar Thomassen, Is Judas really the Hero of the Gospel of Judas?
Louis Painchaud, Aspects polémiques de l’Évangile de Judas
John D. Turner, The Place of the Gospel of Judas in Sethian Tradition
April Deconick, The Mystery of Betrayal. What does the Gospel of Judas Really Say?

Thematical Approaches

José Montserrat-Torrents, La cosmologie de l’Évangile de Judas
Ezio Albrile, Shining like a Star Man Iranian Elements in the Gospel of Judas
Seonyoung Kim, The Gospel of Judas and the Stars
Patricio de Navascués, Liturgy, Eschatology and Arithmology in the Gospel of Judas
Anna Van den kerchove, La maison, l’autel et les sacrifices : quelques remarques sur la polémique dans l’Évangile de Judas
Fernando Bermejo Rubio, L’ambiguïté du rire dans l’Évangile de Judas : les limites d’une Umwertung gnostique

Modern authors
Biblical references
Ancient Sources
All those interested in the religious and cultural history of late Antiquity, New Testament studies, Christian origins, Gnosticism and Coptic literature as well as Coptic philologists.
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