Communication and Conversion in Northern Cameroon

The Dii People and Norwegian Missionaries, 1934-1960


Was modern Christian mission to Africa primarily a colonial project and a civilizing mission or was it a spiritual revival spreading to new areas? This book tells the tale of the Dii people in northern Cameroon and describes their encounter with Norwegian missionaries. Through archival studies and through fieldwork among the Dii, an intriguing scenario is presented. Whereas the missionaries describe their mission as one of spiritual liberation, and the Dii highligt the social liberation they received through literacy and political independence, the author shows how both spiritual and social changes were results of captivation, miscommunication and constant negotiations between the two parties.

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Tomas Sundnes Drønen, Ph.D. (2007), is Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies at the School of Mission and Theology (Stavanger, Norway). He has previously worked as seminary lecturer in Cameroon and has authored many publications on intercultural communication and religious change in Africa.
"Dronen’s observations that in the ‘civilizing mission’ local cultural practices opposed to missionaries’ ideas persisted as African local preachers taught ‘the Gospel’ due to a lack of Norwegian missionaries are intriguing." José van Santen , Leiden University, in: Journal of Religion in Africa, Vol. 45 (2015)
All those interested in African history, missiology, religious conversion, intercultural communication, sociology and social anthropology.