Petrus van Mastricht (1630-1706)

Reformed Orthodoxy: Method and Piety


Author: Adriaan Neele
This book is a first monograph on the life and work of Petrus van Mastricht (1630-1706). Expanding the new interest in Protestant scholasticism this book portrays Mastricht as a post-Reformation reformed theologian, philosopher and Christian Hebraist. The result provides a fresh appraisal, in particular, on the relationship of biblical exegesis, doctrine, polemic, and praxis.

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Adriaan C. Neele, Ph.D. (2005) in Theology, University of Utrecht, taught post-Reformation theology at the University of Pretoria and joined Yale University in 2007. He has published on post-Reformation theology, including The Art of Living to God (Pretoria, 2005), and various articles.
"Petrus van Mastricht is a groundbreaking work and a fresh analysis [...]. Neele’s book provides foundational insight and advances Mastricht’s place within the halls of Reformed orthodoxy, and, as such, is a worthy addition to current academic discussion. [Neele's] attention to detail and multidisciplinary grasp of seventeenth-century issues is impressive and provides a model for future studies". – Randall J. Pederson, on: Scholars' Book Talk (Posted online May 14, 2010)
"Neele’s volume is a valuable continuation of the project begun by Richard Muller and others to reassess Reformed orthodoxy through an intensive and extensive investigation of its historical context, intellectual sources, and primary documents. In this Neele succeeds admirably." – James E. Dolezal, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia (PA), in: Themelios 36/1 (May 2011)
"Highly recommended!" – Peter Wijnberger, in: Vox Voetianorum 34/4 (2010)


Part I. The Life and Work of Petrus van Mastricht in the Context of His Time
1. The Life of Petrus van Mastricht
2. Mastricht’s Work: The Theoretico-Practica Theologia

Part II. The Premises of the Theoretico-practica theologia
1. Prolegomena
2. Faith

Part III. A Cross-section Study of the Doctrine of God
1. Exegesis
2. Doctrine
3. Elenctic
4. Praxis

Part IV. An In-depth Study of the Doctrine of God
1. The Structure of the Doctrine of God
2. The Quid Sit Deus
3. The Holy Trinity

Conclusion and Prospect

All those interested in intellectual history, post-Reformation historical theology, history of exegesis, doctrine of God, New England theology, and Jonathan Edwards.