Achaemenid Culture and Local traditions in Anatolia, Southern Caucasus and Iran

New Discoveries

This book contains papers representing the results of the latest research into the relationship between the ‘imperial’ culture of the Achaemenids and local traditions. Some of them are devoted to the Southern Caucasus, especially to latest archaeological excavations and to investigations into specific categories of archaeological finds. Other articles concern other regions of the Achaemenid world. The article by L. Summerer represents a publication of a unique work of art: the painting on one of the walls of a wooden tomb in Tatarlı in Western Anatolia, depicting a battle between Persians and warriors of nomadic (Scythian-Saka) appearance. The article by S. Sajjadi presents readers with the results of interesting research, which has been going on in Sistan.

Originally published as issue 3-4 of Volume 13 (2007) of Brill's journal Ancient Civilizations from Scythia to Siberia. For more details on this journal, please click here.

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Askold Ivantchik, Dr. habil. (1996, Fribourg, Swiss), is Directeur de recherche at the CNRS (Bordeaux) and corresponding member of the Russian Academy of sciences (Moscow). His publications include Les Cimmériens au Proche-Orient (1993), Kimmerier und Skythen (2001) and Am Vorabend der Kolonisation (2005).
Vakhtang Licheli, Dr. habil. (1991, Tbilisi, Georgia), is Professor of Archaeology at Tbilisi State University. He has published extensively on archaeology of the Southern Caucasus including Iron Age Colchis and its Early Relations with the Aegean World (2004)
1. Askold Ivantchik, Vakhtang Licheli, Introduction
2. Lâtife Summerer, Picturing Persian Victory: The Painted Battle Scene on the Munich Wood
3. Jens Nieling, Dongus Tapa - An Iron Age settlement in the Udabno-Steppe, Eastern Kakheti
4. Vakhtang Licheli, Oriental innovations in Samtskhe (Southern Georgia) in the 1st Millennium BC
5. Mikhail Treister, Тhe Toreutics of Colchis in the 5th – 4th centuries BC. Local traditions, outside influences, innovations. The Colchian School of Toreutics in the system of Artistic Metalworking of the Black Sea area
6. Amiran Kakhidze, Iranian glass perfume vessel from the Pichvnari fifth century BC Greek cemetery
7. Ketevan Dzhavakhishvili, Achaemenian Seals found in Georgia
8. Iljas Babaev, Iulon Gagoshidze, Florian S. Knauss, An Achaemenid «Palace» at Qarajamirli (Azerbaijan). Preliminary Report on the Excavations in 2006
9.S.M.S. Sajjadi, Wall painting from Dahaneh-ye Qolaman (Sistan)
All those interested in the history, archaeology and art history of Achaemenid Empire and Caucasus
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