A Companion to Reformed Orthodoxy


This book reflects and comprises the latest in research on the history and theology of Reformed Orthodoxy (± 1550-1750) and is at the same time a work in progress, which makes this volume in the Companion series unique. The reason for this is not only the quality of the authors and the chapters they have produced, but also the fact that the study of Reformed Orthodoxy has in recent years taken an entirely new approach and has received renewed and spirited attention, whose results have so far not been brought together in one book. The renewed interest and reappraisal of this period in intellectual history is reflected in this work in which an international team of renowned scholars give an oversight of this fascinating period in intellectual history.

Contributors include Willem van Asselt, Aza Goudriaan, Irena Backus, Mark Beach, Christian Moser, Anton Vos, Tobias Sarx, Andreas Mühling, Carl Trueman, Graeme Murdock, Joel Beeke, Sebastian Rehnman, Scott Clark, John Fesko, Luca Baschera, Maarten Wisse, Hugo Meijer, Pieter Rouwendal, and John Witte.

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Herman J. Selderhuis (1961), Professor of Church History at the Theological University Apeldoorn, Director of Refo500, Academic Curator John a Lasco Library Emden
Herman Selderhuis: Introduction


Reformed Orthodoxy: A Short History of Research
Willem J. van Asselt

Theology and Philosophy
Aza Goudriaan

Theology and the Church
J. Mark Beach

Reformed Orthodoxy and Patristic Tradition
Irena Backus


Reformed Orthodoxy in The Netherlands
Antonie Vos

Reformed High Schools in Sixteenth-Century Germany
Andreas Mühling

Reformed Orthodoxy in Switzerland
Christian Moser

Reformed Protestantism in France
Tobias Sarx

Reformed Orthodoxy in Britain
Carl R. Trueman

Reformed Orthodoxy in East-Central Europe
Graeme Murdock

Reformed Orthodoxy in North America
Joel R. Beeke


The Doctrine of God in Reformed Orthodoxy
Sebastian Rehnman

Christ and Covenant: Federal Theology in Orthodoxy
R. Scott Clark

The Doctrine of Scripture in Reformed Orthodoxy
John V. Fesko

Pneumatology: Tradition and Renewal
Maarten Wisse and Hugo Meijer

Ethics in Reformed Orthodoxy
Luca Baschera

The Doctrine of Predestination in Reformed Orthodoxy
Pieter Rouwendal

Law, Authority, and Liberty in Early Calvinism
John Witte Jr.
All those interested in intellectual history, the history and theology of Reformed Protestantism as well as church historians ad theologians in general.
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