Elites: New Comparative Perspectives


Elites come in many forms and express themselves in an extraordinary variety of ways. This collection reflects just that diversity. From an overview of elites for the relatively uninitiated to comparative studies of elites in individual, national, social and political contexts, this work is both historical and contemporary, and encompasses a variety of case studies of elite individuals as well as elites in a broad range of national and political environments. All this is intended to assist those interested in the study of elites from historical and contemporary theoretical and empirical perspectives. Ultimately, this volume suggests many opportunities for further study and research.

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Masamichi Sasaki, Ph.D. (1980), Sociology, Princeton University; Professor of Sociology, Chuo University, Tokyo; Past President of International Institute of Sociology 1997-2001. Founding Editor of Comparative Sociology. Recent publications: (edited with J. Tiankui and L.Peilin) Social Change in the Age of Globalization.
Introduction, Masamichi Sasaki

Elite and Leadership Change in Liberal Democracies, John Higley and Jan Pakulski
Elite Distinction: Grand Theory and Comparative Perspectives, Jean-Pascal Daloz
Comparing Two Charismatic Leaders: Ataturk and de Gaulle, Mattei Dogan
New Challenges, New Elites? Changes in the Recruitment and Career Patterns of European Representative Elites, Heinrich Best
Political Elite Circulation: Implications for Leadership Diversity and Democratic Regime Stability in Ghana, Johanna Odonkor Svanikier
Political Elites in the Commonwealth of Independent States: Recruitment and Rotation Tendencies, Oxana Gama-Golutvina
Nordic Elites in Comparative Perspective, Ilkka Ruostetsaari
Elite Integration and Institutional Trust in Norway, Trygve Gulbrandsen
From Vietnam to Iraq: American Elites’ Views on the Use of Military Force, Gwen Moore and Stephanie Mack

Notes on Contributors
All those interested in comparative politics, political sociology, social stratification, comparative democratization, presidency research, and regional studies
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