Treatise on Zoology - Anatomy, Taxonomy, Biology. The Crustacea, Volume 4 part A


As evident from the number 4A tagged to this volume, vol. 4 as originally planned had to be split into two fascicles, 4A and 4B, simply because of the numbers of pages covered by the various contributions meant for volume 4.
The present volume, then, comprises the fourth part in the series The Crustacea, i.e., the revised and updated texts from the Traité de Zoologie – Crustacea. The chapters in this book grew out of those in the French edition volume 7(II). The exception is chapter 49, which has been newly conceived; it was never published in French.
Overall, this constitutes the sixth tome published in this English series, viz., preceded by volumes 1 (2004), 2 (2006), 9A (2010), 9B (2012), and 3 (2012). Readers/users should note that we have had to abandon publishing the chapters in the serial sequence as originally conceived by the late Prof. J. Forest, because the various contributions, i.e., both the updates and the entirely new chapters, have become available in a more or less random order.

This fourth volume, part A, of The Crustacea contains chapters on:
• Genetic variability in Crustacea
• Class Cephalocarida
• Class Remipedia
• Subclass Hoplocarida: order Stomatopoda
• Superorder Syncarida

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J.C. von Vaupel Klein, formerly at the university of Leiden and still managing editor of Crustaceana, is principal translator of the French volumes of the Traité and coordinating editor of this series as a whole.

M. Charmantier-Daures is an emeritus associate professor at the University of Montpellier and well known for her work on crustacean ecophysiology and genetics. She also is an editor of Crustaceana – International Journal of Crustacean Research.

F.R. Schram, an authority on the systematics and phylogeny of a wide range of crustacean taxa, currently has an appointment as a Research Associate at the Burke Museum of Natural History of the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington.

Genetic variability in Crustacea (Ilias Kappas, M.-L. Cariou & Theodore J. Abatzopoulos)
Class Cephalocarida Sanders, 1955 (Robert R. Hessler & Rolf Elofsson)
Class Remipedia Yager, 1981 (Stefan Koenemann & Thomas M. Iliffe)
Subclass Hoplocarida Calman, 1904: order Stomatopoda Latreille, 1817 (Frederick R. Schram, Shane T. Ahyong, Sheila N. Patek, Patrick A. Green, Michael V. Rosario, Michael J. Bok, Thomas W. Cronin, Kristina S. Mead Vetter, Roy L. Caldwell, Gerhard Scholtz, Kathryn D. Feller & Pere Abelló)
Superorder Syncarida Packard, 1885 (Nicole Coineau & Ana I. Camacho)
All biologists working on or with Crustacea in every discipline, as well as soil biologists, fishery biologists, and those studying environmental pollution.
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