Religious Polemics in Context

Papers presented to the Second International Conference of the Leiden Institute for the Study of Religions (LISOR) held at Leiden, 27-28 April 2000  


Studies in Theology and Religion,11

Polemics, as “the art or practice of disputation or controversy”, is a living issue in matters of religion, and is a major object of research for scholars in religious studies and theology. The second international conference of the Leiden Institute for the Study of Religions (LISOR), held at Leiden in April 2000, was devoted to the subject of Religious Polemics in Context, aiming at a further exploration of the notion of religious polemics, together with the unfolding of a wide variety of case-studies from various religious traditions. The volume contains most of the papers read at the conference, and offers contributions on general issues (e.g., by M. Dascal), as well as on particular topics in the fields of history of religion (e.g., Islam), ancient Israel and early Christianity, the history of Christianity, and the social sciences of religion. An annotated bibliography is added to this collection, which may stimulate a further study of the topic.

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Abbreviations of Periodicals Introduction I – GENERAL ISSUES On the Uses of Argumentative Reason in Religious Polemics - M. Dascal The Noble Art of Self-Defence: Schleiermacher and Von Clausewitz on Theological Polemics and the Theory of Warfare - T. L. Hettema II – HISTORY OF RELIGIONS A Question of Violence: Ashurnasirpal II’s Ninurta Temple Inscription as a Religious Polemic - B. N. Porter Zoroastrian Religious Polemics and their Contexts: Interconfessional Relations in the Sasanian empire - A. F. de Jong Comment on the Lecture of A. F. de Jong - T. H. J. Clemens The Apology of Al-Kindî - P. S. van Koningsveld Dialogue with Other Faiths as an Aspect of Islamic Theology - D. Thomas Islamic Anti-Christian Polemics in the West. An Explorative and Typological Approach to a Contemporary Religious Phenomenon - S. Abdel Razaq Rabbi Kemper’s Case for Christianity in his Matthew Commentary, with Reference to Exegesis - M. Eskhult The Triune and the Decaune God: Christianity and Kabbalah as Objects of Jewish Polemics, with Special Reference to Meir ben Simeon of Narbonne’s Nfilhemet Mitzva - A. Goshen-Gottstein III – ANCIENT ISRAEL AND EARLY CHRISTIANITY The Polemic of Biblical Monotheism: Outsider Context and Insider Referentiality in Second Isaiah - M. S. Smith Religious Polemics in Exile: The Creator God of Genesis 1 - L. C. Jonker Jeremiah 44: A Dispute on History and Religion - B. E. J. H. Becking Who Let Grain, Grapes and Olives Grow? Hosea’s Polemics Against the Yahwists of Israel - W. Boshoff The Function of Religious Polemics: The Case of the Revelation of John Versus the Imperial Cult - H. J. de Jonge A Response to H. J. de Jonge - G. G. de Kruijf The Gospel of Mark as Polemic: The Persecution of the Markan Christian Community and the Purpose of Mark’s Gospel - H. N. Roskam Pour une histoire de la séparation entre les communautés “chrétiennes” et les communautés “pharisiennes” (ca. 70–135 de notre ère) - S. C. Mimouni The Demonization of the Opponent in Early Christian Literature - J. Verheyden IV – HISTORY OF CHRISTIANITY Co-operation Between Church and State in the Condemnation of the Pelagians - M. Lamberigts Polemics, Apologetics, and Dialogue as Forms of Interreligious Communication Between Jews, Christians and Muslims in the Middle Ages - W. G. B. M. Valkenberg Religious Polemics and Ritual in Early Modern Germany’s Confessional Churches - B. Nischan Ways of Polemicizing: The Power of Tradition in Christian Polemics - E. G. E. van der Wall Ethics or Dogmatics? The Case of "Rendtorff vs Barth" - D.N. Stegeman V – SOCIAL SCIENCES OF RELIGION The Social Importance of Religious Polemics - M. B. ter Borg On the Way Together: The Ups and Downs of Two Protestant Churches Trying to Reunite - W. J. van Noort Authority in Question: Tools for Analysis of a Controversy on “Religion” in Dutch Pluralist Society after the Second World War - J. O. van de Breevaart Anti-Ecumenical Polemics and the Creation of the United Church of Canada (1902–1925) - P. W. Staples AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY Compiled by J. A. M. Snoek INDEX OF MODERN AUTHORS