European Readmission Policy

Third Country Interests and Refugee Rights


Offering the first comprehensive analysis of readmission agreements, this book examines the intersection of immigration and human rights law and the complex interplay between evolving international, regional and national norms. Expanding the current academic and policy discourse on readmission agreements through detailed consideration of the negotiation processes carried out by the European Community, it renders a nuanced review of the underlying strategic objectives and regional effects of these treaties. The book makes a robust challenge to prevailing perspectives in legal scholarship and policy on readmission and refugee protection. The self-contained focus on EC readmission agreements throws light on broader questions of EU migration policy and reveals a detailed and insightful picture of a specific field of EU policy and action.

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Nils Coleman, Ph.D. (2007) in Law, European University Institute (Florence) is an official working for the Dutch government, dealing with international policy on the integration of minorities. He has previously published in the areas of migration and asylum, and counterterrorism.
Acknowledgements; I Introduction: 1. History of Readmission Policies in Europe; 2. International Law Obligations to Readmit Persons; 3. The Reasons for a Common Readmission Policy; 4. The Competence to Conclude Community Readmission Agreements; 5. The Content of Community Readmission Agreements; 6. Integrating Readmission into EU External Relations; 7. The Negotiation of Community Readmission Agreements; 8. Readmission Clauses; 9. Community Readmission Agreements and the International Protection of Refugees; II Conclusions; II; Annex 1: Community Readmission Agreement with Albania; Annex 2: 1995 Standard Readmission Clause; Annex 3: 1996 Standard Readmission Clause; Annex 4: 1999 Standard Readmission Clause; Annex 5: Migration Management Clause; Bibliography.
Academics specialised in European and International Migration and Refugee Law and Policy, and International Relations, and policymakers at national and European level in the areas of migration and asylum.
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