Dervishes and Islam in Bosnia

Sufi Dimensions to the Formation of Bosnian Muslim Society


In Dervishes and Islam in Bosnia, Ines Aščerić-Todd explores the involvement of Sufi orders in the formation of Muslim society in the first two centuries of Ottoman rule in Bosnia (15th - 16th centuries C.E.). Using a wide range of primary sources, Aščerić-Todd shows that Sufi traditions and the activities of dervish orders were at the heart of the religious, cultural, socio-economic and political dynamics in Bosnia in the period which witnessed the emergence of Bosnian Muslim society and the most intensive phase of conversions of the Bosnian population to Islam. In the process, she also challenges some of the established views regarding Ottoman guilds and the subject of futuwwa (Sufi code of honour).

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Ines Aščerić-Todd, D.Phil. (2005), University of Oxford, teaches Arabic language and literature at the University of Edinburgh. Her research interests include Sufism and dervish orders, especially in the Ottoman context, futuwwa, and Islam in Bosnia.
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List of Abbreviations
A Note on Names and Transliteration

Aims and Scope
Islam in Bosnia – History, Historiography and Political Dimensions
Bosnian Muslim Society and Dervish Orders – Parameters, Sources and
A Note on ‘Syncretism’ and ‘Heterodoxy’

PART I – Conquest, Settlement and Town-Formation in Ottoman Bosnia:
the Sufi Contribution to the Early Stages of the Development of Bosnian Muslim Society

Chapter 1: Dervishes and the Ottoman Conquest of Bosnia
Chapter 2: The Earliest Tekkes in Bosnia
Chapter 3: Dervishes as Founders of Bosnian Towns

PART II – Urban Realities of Ottoman Bosnia:
Trade-Guilds, Tekkes and Dervish Traditions at the Heart of City Life

Chapter 4: Akhis, Dervish Orders and the Religious Character of Bosnian Guilds
Chapter 5: Futuwwa Documents – Fütüvvetnames, Şecerenames and Pirnames
Chapter 6: Guild Punishments, Ceremonies and Festivities
Chapter 7: The Akhi-Baba
Chapter 8: The Guilds and the State
Chapter 9: The Guilds and the Islamisation Process

PART III – Political Roles of Bosnian Dervishes:
the Hamzevis – a Dervish Order or a Socio-Political Movement?

Chapter 10: The Heyday and End of the Hamzevi Movement
Chapter 11: The Foundations of the Hamzevi Order – Hamza-Dede’s Tekke and Islamisation in the Tuzla Region

Students and scholars of early modern Ottoman history, Ottoman urban realities, conversion to Islam, dervish orders and Sufism, and anyone interested in Balkan history in general and Bosnia in particular.