A Companion to Pastoral Care in the Late Middle Ages (1200-1500)


The study of pastoral care in the middle ages has seen a resurgence in recent years. Scholars are now approaching this subject less from their respective ecclesiastical or parochial biases and more out of an effort to understand the significant role pastors (secular and religious) had in the shaping of medieval society at large. This book explores some of the new ways scholars are approaching this topic. Using a variety of sources and disciplinary angles: theology, preaching, catechesis, confessional literature, visitation records, monastic cartularies and the like, these studies show the many and varied ways in which pastoral care came to play such an important role in the day to day lives of medieval people.
Contributors include: C. Colt Anderson, Michelle Armstrong-Partida, Beth Allison Barr, Sabrina Corbellini, Alexandra da Costa, Laura Michele Diener, William Dohar, James Ginther, Joe Goering, Ann M. Hutchison, Greg Peters, C. Matthew Phillips, Andrew Reeves, Ronald J. Stansbury, Susan M.B. Steuer, Mathilde van Dijk, and Anne T. Thayer.

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Ronald J. Stansbury, Ph.D. (2001) in Medieval History, The Ohio State University, is Associate Professor of European History at Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, New York. His primary area of research is in medieval popular religion.
"This volume has much to offer. [...] the individual essays in this collection will surely enrich our understanding of medieval pastoral care, the transmission of religious knowledge, and the nature of lay-clerical interactions."
Adam Davis, Denison University. In: The Medieval Review, 11.03.20.

"des analyses pointues de dossiers d’archives (notamment pour les conflits opposant les fidèles à leur curé), de textes extrêmement variés, de traités théologiques les plus savants aux recueils d’exempla en vernaculaire, permettent de repérer des manières locales et évolutives de s’approprier les pastoralia, de les enseigner, les recevoir et mettre en pratique leurs conseils touchant autant aux dogmes et croyances qu’aux pratiques et gestes de piété."
Marie-Anne Polo de Beaulieu, in Revue d'Histoire Eccléstastique 2012, pp. 466-468.

General Introduction – Ronald J. Stansbury

1. Historiography and the work of Lenoard Boyle – Joseph Goering

2. Teaching the Creed and Articles of Faith in England: 1215-1281 – Andrew Reeves
3. Preaching and Pastoral Care in the Thirteenth Century – Ronald J. Stansbury
4. The Sheep as Shepherds: Lay Leadership in Pastoral Care – William Dohar
5. The Role of Ritual Purity in the 13th Century Attempt to Reform Pastoral Care – C. Colt Anderson
6. Implicit Anti-Semitism in Explicit Pastoral Care: The Role of the Eucharist in Spreading Common Stereotypes – Timothy M. Kovalcik
7. Conflict in the Parish: Antagonistic Relations Between Clerics and Parishioners – Michelle Armstrong-Partida
8. Guido of Monte Rochen’s Manipulus Curatorum and Sermonic Intention – Anne Thayer
9. Three’s a Crowd: Women, Men, and Priests in the Late Medieval Confessional – Beth Allison Barr
10. Grazing in Many Fields and Drinking Bitter Waters: Robert Grosseteste’s Theology of the Pastoral Care – James R. Ginther

11. “‘Pure religion and undefiled… is this’: Religious Orders and Pastoral Care in the Late Middle Ages – Greg Peters
12. Spiritual Role Models: How Monks Thought Nuns Should Interpret the Old Testament – Laura Michele Diener
13. Crux a cruciatu dicitur: Preaching Self-Torture as Pastoral Care in Twelfth-Century Religious Houses.” – C. Matthew Phillips
14. An Illiterate Pope and his Book: Pope Celestine V and Pastoral Care – George Ferzoco
15. The Informiringheboeck (1510): Spiritual Guidelines for Religious Women – Sabrina Corbellini
16. Practical Pastoral Care: Vowesses in Northern England in the Later Middle Ages – Susan M. B. Steuer
17. ‘Persevere! … God Will Help You!’: Thomas a Kempis’s Sermons for the Novices – Mathilde van Dijk

Bibliography of all Works Cited (Primary and Secondary Sources)
All those interested in medieval social and religious history, medieval pastoral care, women's history, monastic history and the history of the medieval Church.
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