International Peacekeeping: The Yearbook of International Peace Operations

Volume 13


Covering events throughout 2007 this work of record covers significant events wherever there is a UN, or other, official, active peacekeeping force or peacebuilding operation. Presented in an alphabetical, country-by-country format, from Afghanistan through the Congo, Haiti, Middle East and Sudan to Western Sahara, events are reported month-by-month for ease of access. An introduction includes events which are of a general nature in the field of international relations and collective security and an index ensures that all the information is quickly and easily accessible.

Journal of International Peacekeeping
As from 2009, the yearbook will be published as a quarterly journal again, entitled Journal of International Peacekeeping. More information can be found on the webpage of the journal, please click here.


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Biographical Note

Alan Wells, LL.B. is an independent publishing consultant who has written the Chronicle for The Yearbook of International Peace Operations since 2004.

Review Quotes

"Including this book as an available resource will enhance any library and the ability to point to practical resources in the field" – in: Newsletter American Society of International Law "excellent contributions and a high standard of quality" – in: Journal of International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict

Table of contents

Foreword Introduction Afghanistan Burundi Central African Republic and Chad Congo, Democratic Republic of Côte d’Ivoire Cyprus Ethiopia and Eritrea Georgia Haiti India & Pakistan Iraq Kosovo Lebanon Liberia Middle East - Golan Heights – Lebanon Sierra Leone Sudan Tajikistan Timor-Leste Western Sahara General and Miscellaneous Index


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