Angelomorphic Pneumatology

Clement of Alexandria and Other Early Christian Witnesses


This book discusses the occurrence of angelic imagery in early Christian discourse about the Holy Spirit. Taking as its entry-point Clement of Alexandria’s less explored writings, Excerpta ex Theodoto, Eclogae propheticae, and Adumbrationes, it shows that Clement’s angelomorphic pneumatology occurs in tandem with spirit christology, within a theological framework still characterized by a binitarian orientation. This complex theological articulation, supported by the exegesis of specific biblical passages (Zech 4: 10; Isa 11 : 2-3; Matt 18:10), reworks Jewish and Christian traditions about the seven first-created angels, and constitutes a relatively widespread phenomenon in early Christianity. Evidence to support this claim is presented in the course of separate studies of Revelation, the Shepherd of Hermas, Justin Martyr, and Aphrahat.

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Bogdan Gabriel Bucur, Ph.D. (Marquette University, 2007), is assistant professor of theology at Duquesne University, in Pittsburgh, U.S.A. He has published several articles in the areas of biblical studies and the history of Christian thought, mostly on angelomorphic pneumatology and the early Christian exegesis of biblical theophanies.
'Reading this book feels like marvelling at the patterns of filigree on a finely wrought goldwork. The wonderful exegetical skill of the author detects tiny details in ancient texts and through them opens up an unexpected world [...] His learned and insightful book makes a significant contribution to the study of early Christian pneumatology. [...] his arguments are sure-footed and compelling.' - Jane Heath, in: Expository Times 124(6) (2013)
'..this volume surely succeeds in filling the scholarly gap with regard to Clement’s pneumatology and also in documenting the existence of such an angelomorphic pneumatology tradition in early Christianity. As such it will most likely prove an indispensable reference in future studies on early Christian pneumatology as well as Christology and monotheism in general.' - Dan Batovici, in: Reviews of Biblical and Early Christian Studies17-12-2012 []
'From the perspective of biblical studies, Bucur's work on this subject is extremely helpful.[...]Bucur's study will certainly be useful for those investigating topics such as monotheism and Christology in the New Testament. [...]Bucur provides a helpful broader context for understanding the origins and subsequent development of Christian Christology, pneumatology, and angelology.' - James F. McGrath, in: RBL, 2010
'Angelomorphic Pneumatology will appeal to and benefit those who are interested in Second Temple Judaism, Christian Origins, Patristics, Syriac studies, the historical development of doctrine, angelology, Christology and pneumatology. Its extensive notes make it an excellent point of entry into several of these fields of study for the novice, and its breadth of references make it a convenient resource for the established scholar as well. A detailed table fo contents and thorough indices make the study very accessible... [It] offers a compelling argument that is written clearly and simply-- it was profitable to read and it is a pleasure to recommend.' - Anthony Briggeman, in: VigChri 64 (2010)
All those interested in Second Temple Judaism, Christian Origins, Patristics, Syriac studies, Church History, angelology, christology, and pneumatology.
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