Chinese Perspectives on the Environment and Sustainable Development


With China’s rapid growth over the past several decades, the detrimental effects of industrial growth on the environment have become ever more apparent. In this collection of articles from some of China’s most distinguished political scientist, economist, and environmentalist, we find the emerging debate on environmentalism unfolding as Chinese try to find their own way. At the core of these concerns is a debate on balancing the needs of economic development with responsibilities to the planet, and the degree to which that responsibility applies to China as a developing country. These articles seek to illustrate broader principles for environmental policies and international support, as well as more specific projects in China that have been tested and those that have failed.

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"...should benefit researchers, teachers and students with specializations on China as a major geographic entity as well as non-specialists, who simply want to acquire knowledge about [the] Chinese developmental, environmental and ecological [interdisciplinary] prism."
Augustine Adu-Frimpong Department of Economics, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Kumasi, Ghana. African and Asian studies 13 (2014) 359-383

"...the chapters excel in providing comprehensive and timely information about China's state of environmental protection and sustainable development and should be of interest to readers who want to understand how such issues are perceived by local scholars, managed by the government, and constructed by official discourses."
Kevin Lo University of Melbourne Asian Studies Review Vol. 38, No. 4 (2014), 693-706

“The book contains a wealth of information not readily available elsewhere about government policies and discourses regarding environmental problems in China, and is itself a testament to the commitment of the Chinese government to address environmental degradation and resource depletion.”
Kevin Lo University of Melbourne Asian Studies Review Vol. 38, No. 4 (2014), 693-706
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Series Foreword

1. Contemporary Chinese Environmental Policy: Its Genesis, Characteristics, and Value
Zhang Kunmin, Wen Zongguo, and Peng Liying

2. Government Actions in Environmental Regulation
Xiao Wei and Qian Jianxing

3. The Institutional Origins of Eco-Environmental Problems and the Way Out
Fang Shinan and Zhang Weiping

4. The Economic and Political Impacts of Mitigating Climate Change and Regional Disparities
Pan Jiahua

5. The Paradox of Sustainable Development and Globalization
Xu Chun

6. The Diplomatic Political Effects of International Sustainable Development in a Globalized Economy
Huang Jing

7. The Conflict and Mediation of the Free Market and Sustainable Development
Ren Qing

8. International Environmental Security: Real Dilemmas and Theoretical Considerations
Xun Qingzhi and Li Ping

9. The Harmonious Development of Humans and Nature
Shen Guofang

10. A Discussion on the Problems of Ecological Culture and Sustainable Development
Liu Sihua

11. The Evolution of Civilization and Prospects of an Ecological Culture
Liu Xiaoying

All interested in China's environmental problems and policies.
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