La représentation du divin dans les récits du Pentateuque

Médiations syntaxiques et narratives


Though several studies have already been devoted to biblical representations of God, the present research considers the position towards the divine they imply, on the basis of syntactic and narrative analysis. The book examines, in the stories of the Pentateuch, different appearances of the divine character: his speeches, as well as their modes of reporting; his actions, their mediations, and the points of view from which they are told; his perceptions and emotions, as well as the so-called omniscient narration; and some interpretations and distortions of his words. It appears that the Pentateuch presents the divine in an essentially mimetic way, mainly from the perspectives of other characters, portraying different human experiences and interpretations of divinity.

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Françoise Mirguet, Ph.D. (2007, Université Catholique de Louvain), is a postdoctoral research fellow of the Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research. She has published several articles in French and in English, and currently teaches biblical literature at Arizona State University.
"L’écriture de l'A est claire et intelligente. Sa démarche est hautement originale. On peut cependant se demander si son livre répond à une demande de la part des exégètes. Sera-t-il lu ? On le souhaite."
J. Joosten (Revue d'Histoire et de Philosophie Religieuses), 2010.
Biblical scholars and students, as well as theologians, especially those interested in Pentateuch/Torah, Hebrew linguistics, literary approaches, narrative criticism, and the representations of divinity.
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