A Commentary on Book 4 of Valerius Flaccus' Argonautica


This volume consists of an introduction, the text of book 4 of Valerius Flaccus' Argonautica, commentary, bibliography and index. However, it is not a standard philological commentary. Although it contains textual criticism (but only where meaning and appreciation are substantially affected) and explanation of sense and references (a vital basis for critical analysis), above all there is literary appreciation of Valerius' fourth book, which should help to bring about a revaluation of this largely neglected and sadly underestimated author. The book alerts readers to important aspects of Valerius' highly intellectual poetry, such as wit, humor, elegance, point, subtlety, narrative skill, and creative engagement with forerunners, especially Apollonius of Rhodes and Virgil.

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Paul Murgatroyd, PhD London (1976), is Professor of Classics at McMaster University. He has published extensively on Greek and especially on Latin literature, and he is a published Latin poet in his own right.
"Der Kommentar Murgatroyds bietet eine umfassende, an philologischer Detailfreude kaum zu überbietende Aufarbeitung des Hintergrunds des kommentierten Textes und wird als Standardkommentar zu diesem Buch die erfreulich fortschreitende Kommentierung der Dichtung der „silbernen“ Latinität bereichern." Thomas Gärtner in BMCR, 8.8.2011
All those interested in classical literature and poetry, and literary criticism, especially university lecturers and students, and university libraries
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