Globalized Religion and Sexual Identity

Contexts, Contestations, Voices


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Globalized Religion and Sexual Identity reflects on the ways religion, gender and sexual identity are framed and regulated in multiple spheres across the globe. Controversies in the public arena regarding religion and sexual identity often construct these categories as inherently oppositional or already in conflict. As state policies regarding sexuality and sexual diversity develop, promoting inclusivity and non-discrimination, it is imperative to develop a more nuanced discussion regarding the relationship of religion/ideology to sexual diversity and sexuality. The goal of this volume is to explore religion and sexual identity from a range of countries across the globe, focusing on the theme of religious/ideological voices in state policies, such as same-sex marriage, identification, and education.

Contributors include: Heather Shipley, Rebecca Barrett-Fox, Chiu Man-chung, Kate Power, Amélie Barras, Dia Dabby, Janet R. Jakobsen, Ann Pellegrini, Ana Cristina Leal Moreira Lima, Vera Helena Ferraz de Siqueira, Marcia Bastos de Sá, Riva Lieflander, Shun Hing Chan, Ping Huang, Stephen Hunt, Nina Rosas, Cristina Maria de Castro, Anna Strhan, Nesochi Chinwuba, Pamela Dickey Young, Yvette Taylor, and Ria Snowdon.

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Pages: 313–318
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Heather Shipley, PhD (2009), Project Manager, Religion and Diversity Project, University of Ottawa. Her research examines the ways religious and sexually diverse identities are constructed and subsequently regulated in law, policy and media.
"As socio-cultural constructions, religion and sexuality — as well as their intersections — should be studied in their specific contextual configurations. That precise challenge is taken up in this volume. Fourteen chapters describe such intersections in different contexts. [...] As this overview suggests, this book has a lot to offer with respect to current debates on religion and sexual diversity." - R.R. Ganzevoort, VU University, in: Journal of Empirical Theology 28 (2015), 144-145.
Academics, researchers and policy makers interested in socio-legal studies, sociology of religion and gender/sexuality, religious studies, and women's studies.
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