For the Common Good

The Bohemian Land Law and the Beginning of the Hussite Revolution


In For the Common Good: The Bohemian Land Law and the Beginning of the Hussite Revolution Jeanne E. Grant presents an interpretation of the mentality of leading nobles within the Czech kingdom to understand their political actions in the Hussite Revolution. The nobles’ viewpoint derived from a confluence of legal, political, and religious ideas. Analyzing these ideas in the law book written by Ondřej z Dubé, manifestos, and political documents, Jeanne E. Grant shows that both Hussite and Catholic representatives of the kingdom who participated in the revolution adhered to consistent and widespread conceptions of their relationship to the kingdom, crown, and king that compelled them to defend the common good as they understood it.

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Jeanne E. Grant, Ph.D. (2005), is Associate Professor of History at Metropolitan State University. She has published articles on late medieval Bohemia and world history.

1. King, Land, Law, And Authority
The Holy Roman Empire and the Kingdom of Bohemia
Medieval Conceptions of Authority and Insurrection
Authority in Hussite Bohemia
2. Law, Revolution, And Represention
Legal Tradition and Legal Systems
Bohemia’s Jurists and Legal Resources
Law and the Hussite Revolution
3. For The Common Good: The Bohemian Land Law
The Writing of The Bohemian Land Law
The Lawbook of Ondřej z Dubé
Understanding The Bohemian Land Law
4. The Hussite Revolution: The Confluence Of Religious, Political, And Legal Beliefs
From Religious Thought to Politics and Legal Beliefs
The Hussites’ Understanding of Their Legal and Political World
Manifestos of Appeal
5. In Search Of Continuity: Czech Nobles’ Conceptions
Late Medieval Christianity in Bohemia: The Slippery Line between Orthodoxy and Heresy
Czech Nobles on the Line
The Diet of Čáslav and the Formal Rejection of Sigismund: A Confluence of Thought
Connections, Ramifications, and Implications


Specialists and students of Czech history, the Holy Roman Empire, political and legal history, and the Hussite Revolution, and those interested in the Bohemian Land Law (právo zemské české).
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