Bourdieu in Question: New Directions in French Sociology of Art


In Bourdieu in Question: New Directions in French Sociology of Art, Jeffrey A. Halley and Daglind E. Sonolet offer to English-speaking audiences an account of the very lively Francophone debates over Pierre Bourdieu’s work in the domain of the arts and culture, and present other directions and perspectives taken by major French researchers who extend or differ from his point of view, and who were marginalized by the Bourdieusian moment.

Three generations of research are presented: contemporaries of Bourdieu, the next generation, and recent research. Themes include the art market and value, cultural politics, the reception of artworks, theory and the concept of the artwork, autonomy in art, ethnography and culture, and the critique of Bourdieu on literature.

Contributors are: Howard S. Becker, Martine Burgos, Marie Buscatto, Jean-Louis Fabiani, Laurent Fleury, Florent Gaudez, Jeffrey A. Halley, Nathalie Heinich, Yvon Lamy, Jacques Leenhardt, Cécile Léonardi, Clara Lévy, Pierre-Michel Menger, Raymonde Moulin, Jean-Claude Passeron, Emmanuel Pedler, Bruno Péquignot, Alain Quemin, Cherry Schrecker, Daglind E. Sonolet.

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Jeffrey A. Halley, Ph.D. (1978), City University of New York, is Professor of Sociology at the University of Texas San Antonio. He has published on avant-gardes and Dada, art movements and organizations, Mexican American arts, music, theory, and Adorno.

Daglind E. Sonolet, Ph.D. (1977, 2000) Universities Paris-X and Paris-IV. She taught at the Universities of Leeds and Bordeaux, at UTSA, and Temple and has published on reading practice, philosophical and civic commitment, exile and identity in literature and art.
“Based on a series of conferences, working groups, and translations of classic French texts on the matter until now unavailable to the English-speaking reader, the book sheds light on the context of origin of some of Bourdieu’s most important contributions to the sociology of the arts and culture—its legacy, its aporias, and its debates with contemporaries, disciples and dissenters alike. […] The volume should be of interest not only to those working in the sociology of arts and literature, but also to those who wish to read about new currents in the French sociology of culture and French social theory at large.”
-- Claudio E. Benzecry, Northwestern University, in: Contemporary Sociology 48/6 (2019)

"[...] the importance of the book. It is a contribution to the sociological literature on Bourdieu, the sociology of art, as well as French studies generally. It also fills a translation gap in bringing a large number of works to the Anglophone reader. Its strength lies in its attention to theoretical as well as empirical work, as well as its avoidance of intellectual partisanship by exposing the reader to a range of perspectives on Bourdieu’s sociology of art, some positive, others unfavorable."
-- Marnia Lazreg, in Sociological Forum, Vol. 34, No. 1 (04 March 2019)

"[...] ein in Sammelbänden eher seltenes Kunststück: die einzelnen Beiträge beziehen sich aufeinander und reflektieren einander. Dadurch werden beim Lesen viele Verknüpfungen hergestellt und man verfällt leicht in einen Lesefluss. Ein weiterer Pluspunkt ist auch die Autor*innenauswahl: Im Band vertreten sind viele im französischsprachigen Raum renommierte Autor*innen, wie unter anderem Raymonde Moulin, Jean-Claude Passeron, Jean-Louis Fabiani, Pierre-Michel Menger, Emanuel Pedler und Marie Buscatto, die nun auch nicht-französisch sprechende Leser*innen kennen lernen dürfen. [...] Nicht zuletzt besticht der Sammelband durch die Vielfalt seiner Themen. [...] Auch die Vielschichtigkeit des Bandes ist besonders hervorzuheben.So werden etwa in einer historisch-soziologischen Darstellung die Entwicklungslinien Bourdieus nachgezeichnet, weniger prominenten/unbekannteren Positionen Bourdieus wird Aufmerksamkeit geschenkt und auch vereinzelte missing links in seinen Theorien aufgezeigt."
-- Tamara Schwertel, Soziologie Blog, 23 July 2018
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List of Contributors

1 Introduction
Jeffrey A. Halley and Daglind E. Sonolet

Part 1: Bourdieu’s Contemporaries: Raymonde Moulin, Howard S. Becker, Jean-Claude Passeron, Jacques Leenhardt

2 The Museum and the Marketplace: The Constitution of Value in Contemporary Art
Raymonde Moulin
3 The Anglophone Reception of French Sociology: The Case of Bourdieu and Subsequent Scholarship
Howard S. Becker
4 The Time Devoted to Observing Each Work of Art
Jean-Claude Passeron and Emmanuel Pedler
5 What is Literature? Notes on The Rules of Art by Pierre Bourdieu
Jacques Leenhardt

Part 2: The Second Generation: Bruno Péquginot, Jean-Louis Fabiani, Pierre-Michel Menger, Nathalie Heinich, Martine Burgos, Yvon Lamy

6 The Issue of the Artwork: A Site under Construction in Pierre Bourdieu’s Theory
Bruno Péquignot
7 Theory and Practice in French Sociology after Pierre Bourdieu
Jean-Louis Fabiani
8 Inequalities in the Arts
Pierre-Michel Menger
9 Bourdieu’s Culture
Nathalie Heinich
10 Founding a Reading Group at a Library for the Young: The Story of Its Creation and Variations
Martine Burgos
11 On a Contemporary Principle of Public Classification: Heritage Conversion of Cultural Property
Yvon Lamy

Part 3: The Next Generation: Emmanuel Pedler, Florent Gaudez, Alain Quemin, Laurent Fleury, Marie Buscatto, Clara Lévy and Cherry Schrecker, Cécile Léonardi

12 Musical Understanding and Cultural Misunderstanding: The Concert as a Site of Symbolic Confrontation
Emmanuel Pedler
13 Empiricity and the Process of Production in Literature: The Text as the Field of Socio-Anthropological Investigation
Florent Gaudez
14 How International is “International” Contemporary Art? An Empirical Survey of the Globalization of High Culture
Alain Quemin
15 The Work of the Institution: The Democratization of Culture in the Light of the Legacy of the Théâtre National Populaire
Laurent Fleury
16 Trying to Get in, Getting in, Staying in: The Three Challenges for Women Jazz Musicians
Marie Buscatto
17 In What Way (or Not) is Bourdieu Useful to the Sociology of Literature?
Clara Lévy, and Cherry Schrecker
18 The Art of Self-Reflecting
Cécile Léonardi

Part 4: Editors’ Contributions

19 Mondo Vino: Rationalization, Resistance, and Taste in the Wine World
Jeffrey A. Halley
20 Literature and Modernity: Günther Anders, Hannah Arendt, and Theodor W. Adorno – Interpreters of Kafka
Daglind E. Sonolet

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Index of Names
All interested in the sociology of art and culture, theory and cultural studies, and Bourdieu and recent French researchers on the topic.
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