Greco-Roman Culture and the New Testament

Studies Commemorating the Centennial of the Pontifical Biblical Institute


Since a number of scholars at the Pontifical Biblical Institute have made important contributions to the study of the New Testament in the context of the Greco-Roman world, it seemed appropriate to devote this volume commemorating the centennial of the Biblicum (1909-2009) to that subject. This book contains nine essays by scholars from Europe, the United States, Australia and Jerusalem, each exploring the ways in which aspects of the New Testament can be illuminated by recourse to Greco-Roman texts.

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David E. Aune, Ph.D. (1970) in New Testament Language and Literature, University of Chicago, is the Walter Professor of New Testament & Christian Origins at the University of Notre Dame. He has published extensively on the Greco-Roman setting of the New Testament. Among his recent publications are The Westminster Dictionary of New Testament & Early Christian Literature & Rhetoric (2003) and Apocalypticism, Prophecy, and Magic in Early Christianity (2006).

Frederick E. Brenk, M. Litt. (1971) Cambridge University, in Classics; Ph.D. (1971) University of Kentucky, in Classics, is Professor Ordinarius Emeritus for the Greco-Roman background of the New Testament, at the Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome. He has published extensively on the Classical world in the first century, in particular on Plutarch, and on topics related to the New Testament. Among his recent publications is With Unperfumed Voice. Studies in Plutarch, in Greek Literature, Religion and Philosophy, and in the New Testament Background (2007).
"In conclusione, possiamo dire che questo quarto volume completa degnamente la serie delle pubblicazioni commemorative: lungi dal presentarsi come un testo semplicemente «celebrativo», offre una serie di preziose riflessioni sul tema affrontato, mostrando gli innumerevoli punti di contatto tra la cultura greco-romana e gli autori del Nuovo Testamento, e aprendo al tempo stesso nuove piste di ricerca."

SEBASTIANO PINTO, Gregorianum, 96 (2015).
Justin Taylor, S.M, The Role of Rhetorical Elaboration in the Formation of Mark’s Passion Narrative (Mark 14:43-16:8): An Inquiry
Troels Engberg-Pedersen, Logos and Pneuma in the Fourth Gospel
Bruce W. Winter, The Enigma of Imperial Cultic Activities and Paul in Corinth
Dieter Zeller, Pauline Paranesis in Romans 12 and Greek Gnomic Wisdom
Frederick E. Brenk, Most Beautiful and Divine: Graeco-Romans (especially Plutarch) and Paul on Love and Marriage
Gretchen Reydams-Schils, Clement of Alexandria on Woman and Marriage in the Light of the New Testament Household Codes
Adela Yarbro Collins, Traveling Up and Away: Journeys to the Upper and Outer Regions of the World
David E. Aune, The Polyvalent Imagery of Rev 3:20 in the Light of Graeco-Egyptian Divination Texts
John J. Collins, The Sibyl and the Apocalypses: Generic Relationships in Hellenistic Judaism and Early Christianity

All those interested in the Greco-Roman cultural setting of the New Testament and Christian origins.
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