Religion beyond its Private Role in Modern Society


The volume Religion beyond its Private Role in Modern Society aims at contributing to the debate on the distinction between public and private spheres with regard to the role of religion in modern societies. This issue which is inherent to many conceptions regarding social order, modernity, freedom of conscience, and the changing role and function of religion is discussed not only from a social scientific but also from a historical and philosophical point of view. The articles dwell on several aspects of the role of religion in different societies in modern times, and the overall theme is explored from the perspective of various religious traditions and groups, both institutional and non-institutional. It turns out that the distinction made is difficult to maintain.

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Willem Hofstee, PhD. (1997), University of Groningen, is Senior Lecturer of Social Anthropology of Religion at Leiden University. He has conducted anthropological fieldwork in Japan, Italy and Brazil, and has published on the history of the academic study of religion, on New Religious Movements and Method and Theory in the study of religion.

Arie van der Kooij, Ph.D. (1978), Utrecht University, is Professor emeritus of Old Testament Studies at Leiden University. He has published monographs and many articles on ancient translations of the Hebrew Bible, in particular the Old Greek version (Septuagint).

Contributors include: Bart Labuschagne, Linda Woodhead, Niek Brunsveld, Dick Douwes, Mohammed Ghaly, Heleen Murre-van den Berg, David Novak, Alexandros Sakellariou, Matthew Tennant, Bruno Verbeek, Ernestine G.E. van der Wall, William Arfman, Stef Aupers, Jeroen Boekhoven, Meerten B. ter Borg, and Kees de Groot.