Serials and large sets from and related to the Ukraine

IDC Publishers is pleased to present you this selection of titles related to the Ukraine. For some collections, special catalogues are available. At the last page of this catalogue you can find two of them. For more information please contact IDC Publishers and we will send you additional catalogues free of charge.

In this catalogue, IDC Publishers has assembled titles of materials from a large collection of books and archives. The material is related to the history, ecomomics, legislation and culture of Poland, the Ukraine and regions in southern Russia. The current collection contains 309 titles of monographs, sets of periodicals and manuscripts (many of them difficult to obtain) written in Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, other European languages, as well as in Hebrew.
The collection covers a broad range of topics, including the history of “Kievskaia Rus”, wars with the Turks, the Ukrainian Helsinki Group, and contemporary statistical data concerning economics and demography. Also included are publications related to: ethnology and folklore; archaeology; the history of Ukrainian and old Russian literature, language and art; religious texts; the history of Jews in the Ukraine, Poland and southern Russia; Ukrainian Law (the constitution; civil and criminal codes; administrative, labour, land, marriage and family law; etc.).
Of special interest to scholars might be such materials as publications from historical sources which are preserved in archives and libraries in the Ukraine and Russia (TsGADA, TsGVIA). Included here are old slavic manuscripts and chronicles, the lives of saints, Pecherskii Pateric, catalogues of libraries, and detailed surveys of collections dealing with the Ukraine (the library of Kievsko-Pecherskoi Lavry, the Saltykov-Shchedrin Library, the Iavors'kii Collection, Biblioteki A.I. Bortnevskogo and many others).