The Boundaries of Monotheism

Interdisciplinary Explorations into the Foundations of Western Monotheism


What is the significance of monotheism in modern western culture, taking into account both its problematic and promising aspects? Biblical texts and the biblical faith traditions bear a continuous, polemical tension between exclusive and inclusive perceptions and interpretations of monotheism. Western monotheism proves itself to be multi-significant and heterogeneous, producing boundary-setting as well as boundary-crossing tendencies, is the common thesis of the authors of this book, who have been collectively debating this theme for two years in an interdisciplinary scholarly setting. Their contributions range from the fields of biblical and religious studies, history and philosophy of religion, systematic theology, to gender studies in theology and religion.The authors also explain the particular contribution of their own theological discipline to these debates.

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Anne-Marie Korte is senior lecturer in Systematic Theology at the Department of Religious Studies and Theology of Tilburg University and honorary professor of Women´s Studies in Theology at Utrecht University. She has published extensively in the field of religion and gender and conducts research into contemporary miracle stories. She also edited Women and Miracle Stories: A Multidiciplinary Exploration (Leiden: Brill, 2001). Maaike de Haardt is Catharina Halkes/Unie NKV professor of Religion and Gender at the Radboud University Nijmegen and lecturer in Systematic theology at the department of Religious Studies and Theology of Tilburg University. She co-edited a.o. Common Bodies: Everyday Practices, Gender and Religion (Münster: Lit, 2002). She writes on everyday life and theology, f.i.“Incarnation in the City? Some Tentative Explorations of the City as a Locus for Theology” In: Journal of the ESWTR 14 (2006) 133-142.
"Through their varied concerns and resources, the theoretical essays provide readers with excellent starting points for
discussion on how Christian monotheism should and must respond to questions of exclusivity, power relations, and violence. [...] Overall, The Boundaries of Monotheism is a valuable resource for theological reflection on the
limits of Christian monotheism in the face of various scriptural, historical, and cultural challenges."
Bradley B. Onishi, University of California Santa Barbara,Reviews in Religion and Theology, 18:4 (2011).
Contributors include: Bob Becking, Kune Biezeveld, Bert Blans, Erik Borgman, Jacqueline Borsje, Maaike de Haardt, Akke van der Kooi, Anne-Marie Korte, René Munnik, and Marcel Poorthuis.
All those interested in the historical, biblical, philosophical and theological aspects of monotheism, in particular in realtion to the questions monotheistic religions evoke in current political and cultural settings.
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