Lexicon of Tamil Literature


Lexicon of Tamil Literature is a reference-dictionary of Tamil literature of South India from its early beginnings more than 2000 years ago until the present time (ca. 1980). It includes in the order of Roman alphabet names and short biographies of authors, lists of their works, anonymous literary works and most important matters of Tamil prosody, rhetoric and poetics. Whenever available, bibliographic data are given with individual entries in selection. Brief contents and evaluative statements are given with literary works of greater importance, whether ancient or modern. An introduction is included. The work is the first of its kind in a non-Indian language. It is an indispensable source of data and work of reference for Tamil literature in particular, and for the totality of Indic literatures in general.

Biographical Note

Kamil V. Zvelebil, Ph.D. (1952) in Indian philology and English, Charles' University, Prague, Professor-Emeritus, Utrecht University, Holland. Leading expert on Tamil and Dravidian languages and literatures. Has to his credit more than 500 publications, including The Smile of Murugan (Brill, 1973) and Tamil Literature (Brill, 1975).


Indispensable reference-book for every student and scholar in the fields of Tamil literature in particular and Indian literatures in general. Of interest to scholars and students of general literary theory, of comparative literatures, in particular of literatures of Asia.

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