Religion Crossing Boundaries

Transnational Religious and Social Dynamics in Africa and the New African Diaspora


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The Association for the Sociology of Religion (ASR) is an international scholarly society that seeks to advance theory and research in the sociology of religion. The aim of Religion and the Social Order is to publish edited volumes that center around a particular set of current interests within the sociology of religion. It specifically aims to advance theory and research within this field of study. Contributors to the series will be or are expected to become ASR members. The series seeks to publish at least one volume per year. Under the auspices of the ASR, Religion and the Social Order has been published by Brill since 2004 and under the General Editorship of Abby Day since 2023.

Proposals for volumes should be directed to the present editor.

The series published two volumes since 2019.

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Pages: 277–280
"...the anthology fills an important gap in research on migration and religion. Moreover, it provides a line of articles of high quality and a rich material from a multitude of local settings." - Jessica Moberg, Söderturn University, in: Alternative Spirituality and Religion Review, 2:1 (2011)
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