The Peshiṭta of Daniel


The Peshiṭta of Daniel sets forth an analysis of the Syriac text of the Book of Daniel. It discusses the relationship of the Peshiṭta text of Daniel to the Hebrew/Aramaic text of this portion of Scripture, and its relationship to the Old Greek and Theodotionic versions as well. Making use of the Leiden edition of the Syriac text, it seeks to evaluate the text-critical value of the Peshiṭta of Daniel. It also describes various translation techniques employed in the Peshiṭta of Daniel and evaluates its qualities as a translation.

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Richard A. Taylor, Ph.D. (1990) in Semitic languages, The Catholic University of America, is Professor of Old Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary.
'This is an important work for all students of Daniel and the Peshitta.'
A.A.D., Old Testament Abstracts, 1995.
'...this monograph marks a great advance beyond previous studies of the Peshitta. Taylor's study of the Peshitta is a welcome addition to the list.'
John J. Collins, Journal of Biblical Literature, 1995.
'The reviewer is impressed with the method of the author, and his capacity in preparing camera-ready copy of a complex multi-lingual text, and commends the volume as a pattern of Peshitta studies which properly takes into account translation technique as well as text-criticism.'
D.J. Lane, Journal of Semitic Studies, 1995.
This volume will be of particular interest to Syricists, specialists in the Syriac Bible (or other early versions of the Bible), students of the Book of Daniel, and Old Testament textual critics.
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