Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Collection of Mediterranean Antiquities, Vol. 4: The Coptic Textiles


This catalogue of the Coptic Textiles in the Collection of Mediterranean Antiquities at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts provides a detailed analysis of 64 textiles from both historical and weaving practice points of view. This approach provides a fuller understanding of the cultural situation in which such textiles were produced and circulated. Dr. Landry’s experience of over 40 years of weaving and scholarship highlights the elements of knowledge and skill held and applied by weavers in Antiquity.
This perspective complements and expands on the focus on imagery usually provided by art historians regarding textiles of this period. This catalogue shows how much more cultural information can be accessed when the technical, economic, and practical character of both production and use are adequately integrated into the study of material artefacts.

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Wendy Landry, PhD (Concordia University, 2011) is an experienced weaver and scholar of textiles history. She has taught and presented extensively about textiles. Her book, Velvet on My Mind, Velvet on My Loom, is forthcoming in 2020 (Schiffer).
Anne-Laure Rameau, MA in Métiers du patrimoines (Saint-Etienne, 2006), She is Registrar at Musée lorrain de Nancy and is also on the council for the French committee of Blue Shield and for the French Artwork Registrars’ Association. She worked on this catalogue during her internship at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts under the supervision of Dr. John M. Fossey.
Abigaëlle Richard, PhD (Université de Montréal, 2011) is an anthropologist and iconographer concentrating on the evolution of the ancient Egyptian canon of representation, from the Middle to the New Kingdom. she has also investigated the representations of sexuality and dance in the tombs of the New Kingdom. She worked on this catalogue during her internship at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts under the supervision of Dr. John M. Fossey.

Beaudoin Caron, D ès L (1986) in Roman history and archaeology Université de Grenoble III, teaches classical archaeology at the Université de Montréal. He has published mainly on Roman glass, as well as on other aspects of ancient material culture.
John M. Fossey, D ès L (Lyon II, 1976), FRSC, FSA, is Emeritus Professor at McGill University and Emeritus Curator of Mediterranean Archaeology at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. He has published monographs on Greek archaeology, epigraphy and prosopography. He has excavated in Greece, Georgia, Bulgaria and Britain.

Assistant Editors: Marilie Jacob & Alexis Lemond-Vachon
John M. Fossey

John M. Fossey

List of Illustrations to Part 1 (Fig. 1.1–1.21) and Part 2 (Nos. 1–64 / Fig. 2.1.1–2.64.7)

part 1: Coptic Textiles and Their Techniques

1A Egyptian Textiles from the First Millennium
Wendy Landry

1B Textile Specialists and Technologies
Wendy Landry

Appendix A: Table of Dyestuffs and Related Chemicals

Appendix B: Comparative Table of Textile Characteristics

Appendix C: Chronological Table of MMFA Coptic Textiles

Glossary of Textile Terms

Bibliography to Part 1

part 2: Catalogue (Nos. 1–64 / Fig. 2.1.1–2.64.7)

Wendy Landry, Anne-Laure Rameau and Abigaëlle Richard
No. 1 1917.B.1
No. 2 1917.B.2
No. 3 1917.B.3
No. 4 1925.Dt.1
No. 5 1925.Dt.22
No. 6 1926.B.1
No. 7 1938.Dt.17a–b
No. 8 1938.Dt.18
No. 9 1938.Dt.19
No. 10 1938.Dt.21
No. 11 1938.Dt.22
No. 12 1938.Dt.28
No. 13 1938.Dt.29
No. 14 1939.Dt.10
No. 15 1940.Ea.113a
No. 16 1940.Ea.113b
No. 17 1940.Ea.113c
No. 18 1940.Ea.114a
No. 19 1940.Ea.114b
No. 20 1940.Ea.274
No. 21 1941.B.2
No. 22 1941.B.3
No. 23 1941.B.4
No. 24 1941.B.5
No. 25 1941.B.6
No. 26 1941.B.7
No. 27 1941.B.8
No. 28 1941.B.9
No. 29 1941.B.10
No. 30 1942.B.1
No. 31 1944.Dt.23
No. 32 1949.50.B.3
No. 33 1949.50.Dt.10
No. 34 1952.Dt.1
No. 35 1952.Dt.38
No. 36 1952.Dt.39
No. 37 1953.Dt.4
No. 38 1984(1923).Dt.1
No. 39 1984(1923).Dt.3
No. 40 1984(1923).Dt.4
No. 41 1984(1923).Dt.5
No. 42 1984(1923).Dt.6
No. 43 1984(1923).Dt.7
No. 44 1984(1923).Dt.8
No. 45 1984(1923).Dt.9
No. 46 1984(1923).Dt.10
No. 47 1984(1923).Dt.11
No. 48 1984(1923).Dt.12
No. 49 1984(1923).Dt.13
No. 50 1984(1923).Dt.14a–b
No. 51 1984(1923).Dt.15
No. 52 1984(1923).Dt.16
No. 53 1984(1923).Dt.17
No. 54 1984(1923).Dt.18
No. 55 1984(1923).Dt.19
No. 56 1984(1923).Dt.20a–b
No. 57 1984(1923).Dt.21
No. 58 1984(1923).Dt.22
No. 59 1984(1923).Dt.23
No. 60 1984(1923).Dt.24
No. 61 1984(1923).Dt.25
No. 62 1988.Dt.1
No. 63 X.Dt.34
No. 64 X.Dt.39



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Textile scholars, historians, museum curators and weavers with an interest in textiles or the culture of Late Antiquity, especially in Egypt.
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