After One Hundred Years

The 1910 Exhibition "Meisterwerke muhammedanischer Kunst" Reconsidered


The exhibition "Meisterwerke muhammedanischer Kunst" that took place in Munich in 1910 marked a turning point in the approach to Islamic Art. The show attempted to break free of Orientalism and exotic fantasies and, in doing so, set a new standard for the reception of Islamic art in Europe. Moreover, naming the Islamic artefacts masterpieces, it layed claim to bestow upon Islamic art “a place equal to that of other cultural periods”.
This book is the first comprehensive study on this path-breaking exhibition. It includes a wealth of unpublished material and numerous novel ideas on the subject and addresses the exhibition’s historical context, organization, realization and display as well as its reception in the West and its later influence on the study of Islamic art.

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Andrea Lermer, Ph.D. (2002) in Art History, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich, has been trained as a museum curator in Munich and New York and is currently Assistant Professor at the Institute of Art History at LMU Munich. Among her publications is the monograph Der gotische "Dogenpalast" in Venedig, (2005).

Avinoam Shalem, Ph.D. (1996) University of Edinburgh, is Professor for the History of Islamic Art at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich and Fellow at the Kunsthistorische Institut in Florenz. He has published extensively on Islamic and Jewish art including Islam Christianized (second. ed. 1998); The Oliphant (2004); Facts and Artefacts: Art in the Islamic World. Festschrift for Jens Kröger on his 65th Birthday (2007).

Contributors include Claus-Peter Haase, Annette Hagedorn, Amely Haslauer, Robert Hillenbrand, Joachim Kaak, Lorenz Korn, Steffen Krämer, Klaus Kreiser, Jens Kröger, Andrea Lermer, Suzanne Marchand, Stephen Vernoit, David J. Roxburgh, Avinoam Shalem, and Eva-Maria Troelenberg.
The book will be of interest to historians of Islamic art, Orientalists, museologists and art historians interested in the history of European art at the Fin de Siècle and modern art.
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