The Cold War in Asia

The Battle for Hearts and Minds

The Cold War stayed cold in Europe but it was hot in Asia. Its legacy lives on in the region. In none of the three dominant historiographical paradigms: orthodox, revisionist and post-revisionist, does Asia, or the rest of the Third World, figure with much significance. What happens to these narratives if we put them to the test in Asia? This volume argues that attention to what has been conventionally considered the periphery is essential to a full understanding of the global Cold War. Foregrounding Asia necessarily leads to a re-assessment of the dominant narratives. This volume also argues for a shift in focus from diplomacy and high politics alone towards research into the culture of the Cold War era and its public diplomacy.

"As a whole, the essays contribute to enriching our understanding of what was really happening in an era that is too often understood in the catch-all framework of the Cold War." - Akira Iriye, Harvard University

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Zheng Yangwen, Ph.D (2001) in History, University of Cambridge, teaches Chinese history at the University of Manchester. She is the author of The Social Life of Opium in China (Cambridge University Press, 2005).
Hong Liu is Professor of East Asian Studies and the founding director of the Centre for Chinese Studies at the University of Manchester. His most recent publication is China and the Shaping of Indonesia, 1949-1965 (National University of Singapore Press, forthcoming).
Michael Szonyi is Professor of Chinese history in the Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations at Harvard University. His most recent book is Cold War Island: Quemoy on the Front Line (Cambridge, 2008).
“This volume represents a significant and timely contribution to the growing fields of international history and of ‘new’ Cold War Studies.”
Matthew Johnson, Grinnell College
New Approaches to the Study of the Cold War in Asia
– Michael Szonyi and Hong Liu

Part I: World System and Asian Order
Chapter 1
What Cold War in Asia? An Interpretative Essay
- Immanuel Wallerstein

Chapter 2
Only Yesterday: China, Japan and the Transformation of East Asia
– Takashi Shiraishi and Caroline Sy Hau

Part II: The Propaganda Warfare
Chapter 3
U Nu, China and the “Burmese” Cold War: Propaganda in Burma in the 1950s
– Michael Charney

Chapter 4
Communism, Containment and the Chinese Overseas
– Meredith Oyen

Chapter 5
Limits to Propaganda: Hong Kong’s Leftist Media in the Cold War and Beyond
– Lu Yan

Chapter 6
Women’s Liberation in China during the Cold War
– Zheng Yangwen

Chapter 7
The Historicity of China’s Soft Power: The PRC and the Cultural Politics of Indonesia, 1945-1965
– Hong Liu

Part III: The Export and Globalisation of Maoism
Chapter 8
Transpacific Solidarities: A Mexican Case Study on the Diffusion of Maoism in Latin America
– Matthew Rothwell

Chapter 9
Mao and the Swedish United Front against the USA
– Perry Johansson

All those interested in the global Cold War, political and cultural history of postcolonial Asia, China’s changing interactions with other Asian countries, and the Chinese diaspora.
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