The Hippocratic Treatise On Glands

Edited and Translated with Introduction and Commentary


This is a new edition, with translation, introduction and commentary, of the Hippocratic treatise On Glands. Through a close analysis of both content and expression, the text is interpreted and situated in the wider context of ancient medical writing.
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Biographical Note

Elizabeth M. Craik, formerly Professor of Classics at Kyoto University, is attached to the Universities of St. Andrews and of Newcastle. Her publications include Places in Man (OUP, 1998) and Two Hippocratic Treatises On Sight and On Anatomy (Brill, 2006).

Review Quotes

This commentary is clearly the work of someone with a profound understanding of both the language and content of the Hippocratic corpus, and ancient Greek medicine generally. Craik's Hippocratic Treatise On Glands is precisely the kind of volume I wish I possessed for each of the treatises in the Hippocratic corpus. Robert Mayhew in Bryn Mawr Classical Review, 2009.11.04


All those interested in Hippocratic medicine, history of medicine, ancient science, classical philology


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