Muqarnas, Volume 26


Muqarnas is sponsored by The Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Muqarnas 26 contains articles on a variety of topics that span and transcend the geographic and temporal boundaries that have traditionally defined the history of Islamic art and architecture. Contributors include Robert McChesney, Mattia Guidetti, Marcus Schadl, Christian Gruber, Katia Cytryn-Silverman, Doris Abouseif, Olga Bush, Emine Fetvaci, Moya Carey, Bernard O'Kane, Hadi Maktabi, Nadia Erzini and Stephen Vernoit.

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Gülru Necipoglu, (Ph.D., Harvard University, 1986) is the Aga Khan Professor of Islamic Art and Architecture at Harvard University. She has been the editor of Muqarnas since 1993.
Editors’ Note and New Guidelines for Submission of Manuscripts

Mattia Guidetti, The Byzantine Heritage in the Dār al-Islām: Churches and Mosques in al-Ruha between the Sixth and Twelfth Centuries

Katia Cytryn-Silverman, The Umayyad Mosque of Tiberias

Marcus Schadl, The Shrine of Nasir Khusraw: Imprisoned Deep in the Valley of Yumgan

R. D. McChesney, An Early Seventeenth-Century Palace Complex (Dawlatkhāna) in Balkh

Olga Bush, The Writing on the Wall: Reading the Decoration of the Alhambra

Doris Behrens-Abouseif, The Jalayirid Connection in Mamluk Metalware

Nadia Erzini and Stephen Vernoit, Imari Porcelain in Morocco

Moya Carey, Al-Sufi and Son: Ibn al-Sufi’s Poem on the Stars and Its Prose Parent

Bernard O’Kane, Reconciliation or Estrangement? Colophon and Paintings in the TİEM Ẓafarnāma and Some Other Controversial Manuscripts

Christiane Gruber, Between Logos (Kalima) and Light (Nūr): Representations of the Prophet Muhammad in Islamic Painting

Emine Fetvaci, The Production of the Şehnāme-i Selīm Ḫān

Hadi Maktabi, Under the Peacock Throne: Carpets, Felts, and Silks in Persian Painting, 1736–1834

Notes and Sources
Marianne Barrucand† and Mourad Rammah (Avinoam Shalem and Jean-Pierre Van Staëvel, editors), Sabra al-Mansuriyya and Her Neighbors during the First Half of the Eleventh Century: Investigations into Stucco Decoration

Cumulative (Chronological) Index of Articles, Muqarnas I–XXV
Those interested in the visual culture of the Islamic world, as well as Byzantinists, Europeanists, medievalists, historians of the early modern era, and historians of southeast Asia.
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