IV-1 Ordinis quarti tomus primus

Panegyricus ad Philippum Austriae Ducem - Institutio principis Christiani - Lingua


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This is the first volume in the Amsterdam edition of the Latin texts of Erasmus of Ordo IV which comprises works on moral issues. It presents the panegyric of Philip the Fair, the father of Charles V, and the Education of Princes. Both works equally instruct princes how to behave morally. The third work in this volume treats language and praises the Word of God. The Latin texts are presented in a critical edition, accompanied by introductions and a commentary, elucidating difficult passages, tracing Erasmus’ sources and offering all linguistic, historical, theological and philological information needed to understand the text. The first two works are introduced and commented in German and the third work in French.

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...this new volume inaugurates a new series within the giant enterprise: the ordo quartus, assigned to works of moral instruction... The moral precepts expounded in the present volume are timeless by definition... the wealth of classical quotation and parabolae does not prevent this volume from fully exhibiting some qualities which are now considered typically Erasmian. The Panegyricus ad Philippum, for instance, poses the dilemma of acceptable limits to flattery... In the present volume both Panegyricus ad Philippum and the Institutio principis Christiani have been edited by Otto Herding in masterly fashion. His critical presentation of the text is impeccable and accompanied by a carefully balanced selection of historical notes. Similarly Herding's introduction to each of the two treatises is like an assortment of keys, opening up a variety of insights into Erasmus' text, adding precise accentuations to some ongoing discussions but stopping well short of a full fledged and necessarily subjective analysis of the two works.
Renaissance Quarterly

Panegyricus ad Philippum Austriae Ducem, ed. O. Herding
Institutio principis Christiani, ed. O. Herding
Lingua, ed. F. Schalk

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