VI-3 Ordinis sexti tomus tertius

Novum testamentum ab Erasmo recognitum III - Epistolae apostolicae (prima pars)


Editor: A.J. Brown
Part Three of Ordo VI of the Amsterdam edition of Erasmi opera omnia presents his Greek text and his Latin translation of St. Paul’s letters to the Romans, the Corinthians, the Galatians, the Ephesians, the Philippians, the Colossians and the Thessalonians. A critical edition of the Latin text is offered including an introduction in English and a commentary featuring relevant linguistic, philological, theological and historical background.

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...Erasmus' introductory texts can be regarded as essential for present day readers in order to appreciate the revolutionary character his editions had when they were first published.
Preface Introduction Conspectus siglorum Epistola ad Romanos Epistola ad Corinthios prima Epistola ad Corinthios secunda Epistola ad Galatas Epistola ad Ephesios Epistola ad Philippenses Epistola ad Colossenses Epistola ad Thessalonicenses prima Epistola ad Thessalonicenses secunda List of abbreviations Index verborum