II-9 Ordinis secundi tomus nonus

Adagiorum collectanea


The ninth and last volume of the Adagia (Proverbs) of the Amsterdam edition of the Latin texts of Erasmus gives an introduction in German and a critical edition of the Latin text of the Collectanea, an early collection of proverbs, which differs from lter editions of the Adages. The text is accompanied by notes in German that trace Erasmus’ sources and give linguistic, historical, philological and, where appropriate, theological background information.
This volume also comprises general indices to volumes II, 1-9.

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Adagiorum collectanea, edited by Felix Heiniman and M.L. van Poll-van de Lisdonk

Praefatio (Epistola 126)
Adagiorum Collectanea
Index Proverbiorum Latinorum
Index Proverbium Graecorum
Index Nominum

Gesamtindizes zu Adagia 1-4151, ASD II, 1-8 by Johannes J. van Poll

Konkordanz der Adagiennummern
Index Adagiorum Latinorum
Index Adagiorum Graecorum
Index Nominum

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