V-6 Ordinis quinti tomus sextus

Christiani matrimonii institutio - Vidua Christiana


Editors: A.G. Weiler and M. Cytowska
The sixth volume of Ordo V of the Amsterdam edition of the Latin texts of Erasmus presents the instruction for a Christian marriage and a consolation for a Christian widow. It offers the Latin texts in a critical edition and a comprehensive introduction in German to the Institutio as well as a concise one in French to the Vidua, and commentary notes including an identification of sources quoted, and, where relevant, any linguistic, philological, theological or historical background information necessary to understand the Latin text.

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Vorwort Christiani matrimonii institutio, ed. A.G. Weiler Einleitung Conspectus siglorum Critical Latin edition Appendix Vidva Christiana, ed. M. Cytowska Introduction Conspectus siglorum Critical Latin edition Abkürzungsverzeichenis Index Nominum