The EU and Cyprus

Principles and Strategies of Full Integration


The European integration of Cyprus is the outcome of a process commenced over thirty years ago within the context of the EC external trade relations, culminating in Cyprus’ accession to the EU in 2004 and still ongoing within the framework of the EU external relations. The key issue concerns the achievement of ‘full’ integration arguably through a mode of European integration re-formulating traditional parameters of economic, societal and political integration. Beyond the obvious academic interest arising out of a comprehensive comparative socio-legal study of the process of European integration of a state lying at the EU periphery and, as such, largely ignored in the literature, this book re-directs principles of differentiated European integration towards new means and meanings.

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Stéphanie Laulhé Shaelou studied Law at the undergraduate and post- graduate level with specialisations in International Private Law and European Law at the University of Paris and the University of Leicester, from which she also obtained her PhD in Law in January 2008. Her research focuses on the EC/EU–Cyprus relations and the EU external relations. She is an Assistant Professor at the University of Nicosia.
“The timely and valuable contribution of Laulhé Shaelou is the first comprehensive study of this special case of “variable geometry” within the Union membership of Cyprus. Following a socio-legal approach, (the author) argues that “the integration of Cyprus into the EU provides a particular mode of 106 European Law Review Europeanisation and of governance of a small State in its quest towards full integration into the EU” […] The reader of this book will not only have the chance to follow an argument that is clearly written, structured in a logical way and properly referenced but also familiarise herself/himself with the range of principles and strategies that the Union has used in order to integrate a divided island within its political and legal order.” (Nikos Skoutaris, Maastricht University, European Law Review, February © 2012 Thomson Reuters)
– Aspects of Europeanisation of the EEC-Cyprus Association: the economic dimension
– Aspects of Europeanisation of Cyprus: the socio-legal objectives of accession
– The governance of enlargement: the institutionalisation of the 2004 enlargement
– The re-institutionalisation of the principle of territorial exclusion in Cyprus: a component of differentiated integration?
– The institutionalisation of the integration of Cyprus: another instance of supranational differentiation?
– The re-regulatory regime of a reunified Cyprus: a hypothetical instance of ‘full’ integration?
– Market regulation without accession: an instance of (dis)integration?
– the state of the union of Cyprus with the EU
Lawyers, politicians, specialists, institutes, academic libraries, students and all those interested in the EU-Cyprus relations including in the wider context of the EU external relations and the Cyprus problem.
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