Mapping Value Orientations in Central and Eastern Europe


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Since the dramatic events in 1989 and 1990, Central and Eastern Europeans have been engaged in a process of democratization and liberalization which are transforming their societies fundamentally. The rapid transformation processes appear to be very differential and the particular patterns are complex to interpret and understand. This volume elaborates on a number of issues that seem particular important for the people in Central and Eastern Europe: the development and working of democracy, the public support for, legitimacy and efficacy of democracy and the free market economy, and of course the stability of the newly established political culture.

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Loek Halman, PhD. (1991) Tilburg University, is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Tilburg University, The Netherlands. His publications focus on values and attitudes in contemporary society and the dynamics of value change.

Malina Voicu, PhD. ( 2004) University of Bucharest, is Senior Researcher with The Research Institute for the Quality of Life, Romanian Academy of Science. Her publications focus on changes in values and attitudes in Central and Eastern Europe.
Contributors include: Wil Arts, Suzanne Pickel, Edurne Bartolome, Claudiu Tufiş, Gabriel Bădescu, Bogdan Radu, Ivan Rimac, Siniša Zrinščak, Zuzana Kusá, Bohumil Búzik, and David Kostlán
All those interested in Central and Eastern European societies, their cultural patterns and the varieties and diversities in value patterns in a broad range of life spheres in contemporary Europe.
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