A Companion to Giles of Rome


In A Companion to Giles of Rome, Charles Briggs, Peter Eardley, and seven other leading specialists provide the first synoptic treatment of the thought, works, life, and legacy of Giles of Rome (c. 1243/7–1316), one of medieval Europe’s most important and influential scholastic philosophers and theologians.

The Giles that emerges from this volume was a subtle and independent thinker, who more than refining and modifying the positions of his teacher Aquinas, also made strikingly original contributions to theology, physics, metaphysics, psychology, ethics, logic, rhetoric, and political thought. He was also the founding intellectual of the Augustinian friars and a key participant in controversies at the University of Paris, and between Church and State.

Contributors are: Charles F. Briggs, Richard Cross, Silvia Donati, Peter S. Eardley, Roberto Lambertini, Costantino Marmo, Martin Pickavé, Giorgio Pini, and Cecilia Trifogli.

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Charles F. Briggs, Ph.D. (1993), University of North Carolina, is Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Vermont and author of Giles of Rome’s “De regimine principum” (Cambridge UP, 1999) and The Body Broken: Medieval Europe, 1300–1520 (Routledge, 2011).

Peter S. Eardley, Ph.D (2001), University of Toronto, is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Guelph. His articles on Giles of Rome have appeared in several journals and he is co-author of Aquinas: A Guide for the Perplexed (Continuum, 2010).
“No essay here is a dud […]. The contributors all do a fine job of grounding Giles’s thought in the debates of his day, pinpointing where Giles makes novel contributions to philosophical and theological problems, and where his influence seems to have been most pronounced.”
Jonathan Robinson, in: Speculum, Vol. 95, No. 2 (April 2020), pp. 526–528.

“This Companion is […] not only a welcome addition to the shelves of those interested in late medieval thought, but a notable reminder of Giles’s influence among his contemporaries. […] The chapters are of an extremely high quality, written by leading experts in the field. […] The book is equipped with excellent bibliographies and a comprehensive index. […] Overall, the volume is exactly what a good companion should be: informed and thought-provoking.”
Chris Jones, University of Canterbury. In: Parergon, Vol. 37, No. 2 (2020), pp. 182–184.



1 Life, Works, and Legacy
Charles F. Briggs

2 Theology
Richard Cross

3 Natural Philosophy
Silvia Donati and Cecilia Trifogli

4 Metaphysics
Martin Pickavé

5 Cognition
Giorgio Pini

6 Ethics and Moral Psychology
Peter S. Eardley

7 Rhetoric, Logic, and Language
Costantino Marmo

8 Political Thought
Roberto Lambertini

Chronology of the Works of Giles of Rome

Editions of Giles of Rome’s Works



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