Brill's Companion to Sophocles


Brill's Companion to Sophocles offers 32 specially commissioned essays from leading international scholars which give critical examinations of the progress and direction of numerous wide-ranging debates about various aspects of Sophoclean drama. Each chapter offers an authoritative and state-of-the-art survey of current thinking and research in a particular subject area, as well as covering a wide variety of thematic angles. Recent advances in scholarship have raised new questions about Sophocles and Greek tragedy, and have overturned some long-standing assumptions. Besides presenting a comprehensive and authoritative guide to understanding Sophocles, this companion provides scholars and students with compelling fresh perspectives upon a broad range of issues in the field of Sophoclean studies.

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Andreas Markantonatos, Ph.D. (2001) in Classics, University of Oxford, teaches Greek at the University of Peloponnese. He has published extensively on Greek tragedy including Tragic Narrative: A Narratological Study of Sophocles' Oedipus at Colonus (2002) and Oedipus at Colonus: Sophocles, Athens, and the World (2007).

Contributors: William Blake Tyrrell, Guido Avezzù, Patrick Finglass, Emma Griffiths, Josh Beer, David Carter, Bruce Heiden, Poulcheria Kyriakou, Jon Hesk, Alan Sommerstein, Bernd Seidensticker, John Davidson, Francis Dunn, Timothy Power, Rachel Kitzinger, Luigi Battezzato, Jocelyn Penny Small, Nancy Worman, Andreas Markantonatos, Rush Rehm, Jon Mikalson, Sarah Ferrario, Kurt Raaflaub, Judith Mossman, Bernhard Zimmermann, Justina Gregory, Emily Wilson, Michael Lloyd, Matthew Wright, Michael J. Anderson, Michael Walton, and Marianne McDonald.
"The editor, Andreas Markantonatos, (...) has assembled an all-star cast. The result is a fine collection of essays on a vast
array of topics." Steve Esposito, AHB Online Reviews 3 (2013) 82–86.

"impressive in its breadth of learning and richness of detail (...). Markantonatos’ book is a significant achievement: it contains a wealth of information, and many of its chapters are outstandingly good." Lyndsay Coo, Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2013.06.41.
I. Prefatory Material

1. Acknowledgements
2. List of Abbreviations
3. List of Illustrations
4. List of Contributors

II. Introduction: Sophocles and his Critics ( Andreas Markantonatos, University of the Peloponnese)

III. The Poet and his Work

1. Biography ( William Blake Tyrrell, Michigan State University)
2. Text and Transmission ( Guido Avezzù, University of Verona)
3. Ajax ( Patrick Finglass, University of Nottingham)
4. Electra ( Emma Griffiths, University of Manchester)
5. Oedipus Tyrannus ( Josh Beer, Carleton University)
6. Antigone ( David Carter, University of Reading)
7. Trachiniae ( Bruce Heiden, The Ohio State University)
8. Philoctetes ( Poulcheria Kyriakou, University of Thessaloniki)
9. Oedipus at Colonus ( Jon Hesk, University of St Andrews)
10. Fragments and Lost Tragedies ( Alan Sommerstein, University of Nottingham)
11. Sophocles and Satyr Drama ( Bernd Seidensticker, Free University of Berlin)

IV. Sophoclean Intertextuality

1. The Homer of Tragedy: Epic Sources and Models ( John Davidson, Victoria University of Wellington)
2. Dynamic Allusion in Sophocles ( Francis Dunn, University of California, Santa Barbara)

V. Sophocles the Innovator: Music, Language, Narrative

1. The Power of Music: The Lyric Sophocles ( Timothy Power, University of Washington)
2. The Language of Sophocles ( Luigi Battezzato, University of Piemonte Orientale)
3. Rhetorical Strategists in Sophocles ( Nancy Worman, Columbia University)
4. Narratology of Drama: Sophocles the Storyteller ( Andreas Markantonatos, University of the Peloponnese)

VI. Image and Performance

1. Texts and Images ( Jocelyn Penny Small, Rutgers University)
2. Sophoclean Choruses ( Rachel Kitzinger, Vassar College)

VII. Religion, History, and Politics

1. Ritual in Sophocles ( Rush Rehm, Stanford University)
2. Gods and Heroes in Sophocles ( Jon Mikalson, University of Virginia)
3. Political Tragedy: Sophocles and Athenian History ( Sarah Ferrario, The Catholic University of America)
4. Sophocles the Political Thinker ( Kurt Raaflaub, Brown University)

VIII. Sophoclean Anthropology: Status and Gender

1. Women’s Voices in Sophocles ( Judith Mossman, University of Nottingham)
2. Minor Figures in Sophocles ( Bernhard Zimmermann, University of Freiburg)

IX. Instructing the Polis: Education, Philosophy, Irony

1. Sophocles and Education ( Justina Gregory, Smith College)
2. Sophocles and the Greek Philosophers ( Emily Wilson, University of Pennsylvania)
3. Sophocles the Ironist ( Michael Lloyd, University College Dublin)

X. Ancients and Moderns: The Reception of Sophocles

1. The Reception of Sophocles in Antiquity ( Matthew Wright, University of Exeter)
2. The Influence of Sophocles on Modern Literature and the Arts ( Michael J. Anderson, Yale University)
3. ‘Men as They ought to be’: Sophocles in Translation ( Michael Walton, University of Hull)
4. Sophocles Made New: Modern Performances ( Marianne McDonald, University of California, San Diego)

XI. Indexes

1. Subject Index
2. Index of Sophoclean Passages
All those interested in Sophocles, Greek tragedy, Attic drama, the reception of Greek literature, as well as scholars and students of classical antiquity.