New Zealand's Muslims and Multiculturalism


Issues of integration, multiculturalism and policies of ethnic and religious minority rights have gained greatly in significance in recent years, especially in relation to Muslims. This book deals with the Muslim minority in New Zealand, with special emphasis on policy aspects relevant to the integration of Muslims in the host society. The book also discusses many other issues, among which are Muslim political representation, inner coherence of the Muslim community, effects of public policies, differentiated citizenship, gender issues and gender equality, and points of friction with the encapsulating host society, including the effects of sharia application, radicalism and the fallout of the Danish cartoon affair.

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Erich Kolig is a retired New Zealand social anthropologist and a former Visiting Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Vienna University. He has authored and edited several books and volumes and many articles on indigenous politics, New Zealand Muslims, radical Islam in Indonesia and Australian Aboriginal culture. His field research was carried out, mainly, in Afghanistan, Australia, Austria, Indonesia, New Zealand and Vanuatu. At present, he is an Honorary Fellow in Religious Studies at Otago University, New Zealand.
“This book should be of interest to all who are concerned with the Muslim diaspora as well those concerned with any of the general issues discussed.”
William Shepard in Contemporary Islam. Dynamics of Muslim Life (2010).
Scholars working in politics, public policy, anthropology, sociology and religious studies; public commentators and journalists; leaders of ethnic and religious community groups; and interested general readership.