Pillars of the Profession

The Correspondence of Richard Pipes and Marc Raeff


Richard Pipes and Marc Raeff were two of the most prolific and influential historians of Russia that America ever produced. They met at Harvard in 1946 and went on, for most of the following six decades, to debate history, share ideas, comment on each other's work, and inspire one another intellectually. In Pillars of the Profession: The Correspondence of Richard Pipes and Marc Raeff, Jonathan Daly presents the 158 letters these scholars and friends exchanged from 1948 until 2007. Thoughtful introductory and concluding essays, detailed annotations, a wealth of photographs and other illustrations, a chronology of major events, and four maps make this volume an important addition to Russian historiography.

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Pages: 1–71
1 The Early Years
Pages: 72–124
3 Mature Friendship
Pages: 267–346
Pages: 347–356
Pages: 357–415
Pages: 416–433
Jonathan Daly, Ph.D. (1992), Harvard University, is Professor of History at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He has published many books and articles on Russian and world history, including Crime and Punishment in Russia: A Comparative History from Peter the Great to Vladimir Putin (Bloomsbury, 2018).
"Pillars of the Profession is very much a book about scholars for scholars, but at the same time it raises in my mind some broader questions about the nature of the profession of Russian history." - Paul Robinson on Irrussianality, October 2018 [Full review text: https://irrussianality.wordpress.com/2018/10/23/book-review-pillars-of-the-profession/?fbclid=IwAR1x__BMDwW8RV3Ct7ghBW1U1bgci7x5BBi7IhBZR165DGNVK6CptDucugo]

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List of Letters
A Note about the Text
Chronology of Events

1 The Early Years
2 Uncertainty and Travel: Seattle, Berkeley, Paris
3 Mature Friendship

Scholars and graduate students in Russian history and anyone interested in the historiography of 20th-century America, Russia, history, historiography, Sovietology, the 20th century, academia, scholarship, Harvard, Columbia, biography, and intellectual history.
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