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Poems in Epigrammata


This volume of the Amsterdam edition of the Latin texts of Erasmus contains a critical edition of the Latin poems of Erasmus, offering a new chronology of these poems and of Erasmus’ life. The critical edition of the Latin texts is accompanied by a general introduction in English and introductions and annotations to each poem, clarifying the work’s linguistic, philological, historical and theological background, and identifying parallels and sources.

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Poems in Epigrammata (1518)
Poems published by Erasmus Elsewhere
Pems published without Erasmus' consent
Poems published after Erasmus' death
Poems embedded in Erasmus' prose works
Poems dubiously ascribed to Erasmus

List of abbreviations
Index of first lines
A list of the poems in chronological order
Index of metres
Concordance of poem numbers
Index of blibical and apocryphal references
Index of classical references
Index of patristic, medieval, and renaissance references
Index nominum
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