II-4 Ordinis secundi tomus quartus

Adagiorum Chilias Secunda, Centuriae VI-X


The fourth volume of the Adagia (Proverbs) of the Amsterdam edition of the Latin texts of Erasmus gives an introduction in German and a critical edition of the Latin text of the second half of the second thousand Adages. The text is accompanied by notes in German that trace Erasmus’ sources and providing linguistic, historical, philological and, where appropriate, theological background information which elucidates the text and Erasmus’ way of working.

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Adagiorum Chilias Secunda, Centuriae VI-X. (Adagia 1501-2000)
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Centuria VIII
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Centuria X

Konkordanz der Adagiennummern
Index Adagiorum Latinorum
Index Adagiorum Greacorum
Index Nominum

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