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Querela Pacis


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The second issue of Ordo IV of the Amsterdam edition of the Latin texts of Erasmus comprises the Querela Pacis and Erasmus’ Latin translations of some of Plutarch’s Moralia. The Complaint of Peace deals with peace and war, and the tension between love of one’s country and St. Paul’s admonishment to unity in Christianity. The volume offers a critical edition of the Latin texts as well as introductions and commentaries in German, including an identification of sources quoted, and any linguistic, philological, theological or historical background information necessary to understand the Latin text.

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Querela Pacis, ed. O. Herding
Ex Plutarcho versa, ed. A.J. Koster
1. Quo pacto possis adulatorem ab amico dignoscere
2. Quo pacto quis efficiat vt ex inimicis capiat vtilitatem
3. De tuenda bona valetudine precepta
4. In principe requiri doctrinam
5. Cum principibus maxime philosophum debere disputare
6. Vtrum grauiores sint animi morbi quam corporis
7. Num recte dictum sit Λάθε βιώσας id est Sic viue vt nemo te sentiat vixisse
8. De cupiditate diuitiarum
9. De cohibenda iracundia
10. De curiositate
11. De vitiosa verecundia

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