V-2 Ordinis quinti tomus secundus


This second volume of Ordo V in the Amsterdam edition of the Latin texts of Erasmus comprises theological treatises presenting the first half of Erasmus’ commentaries on eleven Psalms. The commentaries explain the Psalms, offering the priests and parishioners material for their preaching. The volume presents critical editions of the Latin texts and introductions and commentary notes in French that provide the reader with philological, theological, linguistic and historical background information enabling a better understanding of the text and identification of Erasmus’ sources.

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Enarrationes in psalmos, pars prior Preface Introduction générale, Ch. Béné Enarratio allegorica in primum psalmum Beatus vir, ed. A. Godin Commentarius in psalmum ii Quare fremuerunt gentes, ed. S. Dresden Paraphrasis in tertium psalmum Domine quid multiplicati, ed. S. Dresden In psalmum quartum concio, ed. Ch. Béné Enarratio psalmi XIV Qui est de puritate tabernaculi siue ecclesiae christianae, ed. Ch. Béné In psalmum XXII enarratio triplex, ed. Ch. Béné Liste des abbreviations Index nominum