V-3 Ordinis quinti tomus tertius


The third volume of Ordo V in the Amsterdam edition of the Latin texts of Erasmus presents the second half of Erasmus’ commentaries on eleven Psalms. Two of them not only explain the psalms themselves, but also deal with topical questions, viz. the war against the Turks and the disintegration of Christendom. The volume presents critical editions of the Latin texts and introductions and commentary notes in German that provide the reader with useful philological, theological, linguistic and historical background information, elucidating the text and identifying Erasmus’ sources.

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Enarrationes in psalmos, pars altera Vorwort Utilissima consultatio de bello Turcis inferendo, et obiter enarratus psalmus XXVIII, ed. A.G. Weiler Enarratio psalmi XXXIII, ed. R. Stupperich Enarratio psalmi XXXVIII, ed. R. Stupperich De sarcienda ecclesiae concordia, ed. R. Stupperich Concionalis interpretatio in psalmum IXXXV, ed. C.S.M. Rademaker ss.cc. Abkürzungsverzeichenis Index Nominum