VI-7 Ordinis sexti tomus septimus

Annotationes in Epistolam ad Romanos


ASD VI,7 comprises Erasmus's Annotations on Paul's Epistle to the Romans. In this very interesting letter many subjects with respect to justification by faith, the relation between Jews and Christians and so on are treated. Erasmus comments on them, defending his translation of the New Testament, but also using the remarks by several theologians and Fathers of the Church on these topics in order to defend his own theological convictions. Hovingh comments on this commentary by Erasmus, identifying his sources and stilistic and grammatical peculiarities.

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P.F. (Piet) Hovingh was a headmaster of a comprehensive school until his retirement in 1987. For ASD he edited the volumes VI,5 and VI, 6; he also made an edition of Claudius Marius Victorius for CCSL
"The volume is distinguished by the skilful presentation of the text of the annotations on Romans, marking the development of the text from the first to the last edition, and also by the clarification with enviable precision of Erasmus’ language, and for its exhaustive search for the sources to which Erasmus referred and which he used sometimes without due recognition. […] Readers will be grateful to Hovingh for his excellent observations on Erasmus’ language, for the precise definition of some terms, and the occasional English translation of some problematic passages. […] Possibly the greatest service, however, Hovingh has provided for students of Erasmus will be found in the relentless exposition of the literary sources Erasmus referenced and used.”
Robert D. Sider. In: Erasmus of Rotterdam Society Yearbook, Vol. 33 (2013), pp. 90-93.
All those interested in Erasmus and northern European humanism, theologians interested in the history of New Testament Studies, in New Testament Studies themselves, or in systematic theology.
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