VIII-1 Ordinis octavi tomus primus  

Textus ad patres ecclesiae  


This volume in the ASD series (VIII, 1) publishes texts by Erasmus related to the Fathers of the Church. Erasmus himself considered these among his major contributions to Christianity and the Church. He edited many Fathers and wrote Vitae of three theologians: John Chrysostom, Origen and – his most important one – Jerome. He provides portraits of the theologians and his views on them, but also a kind of self-portrait. He even forged a text himself: ‘Cyprian’s De duplici martyrio’. His many editions of the Church Fathers and other theologians contain prefaces which provide us with information about the theologians, and with remarks on Erasmus’ views on them. Thus, we get a clearer understanding of Erasmus and his theology.

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Anna Morisi Guerra was Associate Professor at the University La Sapienza, Rome, and specializes in the history of Reformation and Counter-Reformation, and the history of religion of the sixteenth century.
Cristina Ricci (University of Basel) specializes in patristics and carries out the project on paratexts to editions of the Fathers in Basel humanism.
André Godin† was professor emeritus at the CNRS in Paris. He specialized in Erasmus and his reading of Origen, and in Jean Vitrier.
Silvana Seidel Menchi is Professor emeritus of History at the University of Pisa. She published on Erasmus, the inquisition, and early modern marriage.
Cor S.M. Rademaker, SSCC, is an independent scholar, whose research topics include Gerardus Johannes Vossius and Erasmus.
Aza Goudriaan is Associate Professor of the History of Christianity at VU Amsterdam. His research interests include the reception of patristic thought and the history of early modern theology.
All interested in the history of religion and theology, early modern history, reception of the Fathers and Erasmus.
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